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[ Completed ]

This Is The Story Of Jeon Jungkook and Choi Y/n.. Jeon Jungkook Is part of the most Dangerous Mafia Group and Also Own A Big Company While Y/n is Just a Normal Girl But she's The Daughter Of Mr. Choi The Most famous Man In the Seoul and The Other Country He Own The and Most Biggest company In Korean.. Even Though Y/n is Rich She Prefer Living A Normal Life..

Y/n and Jungkook Was In A Relationship Before they are Perfect Together Back Then .. But Then They Broke Up Cause Y/n Found out that Jungkook is Cheating Behind Her Back she Caught Jungkook Making Out With Another Girl And Not just a Make Out They are making love and The Fact That that Girl was Her Best Friend Lalisa Her Childhood Best friend betrayed her.. Without Saying any further Words she Broke up With Jungkook as Soon as Possible and live Her Own Life.. But Little did You Know Jungkook Is Still Stalking Y/n without her Knowing Y/n Had Never Be In A Relationship Again Since Her Past Relationship hurt Her Alot...


A Lot Of Bad Words And mature Scenes Please Watch Your Own Risk and enjoy and Also Please Don't Copy My Work Without my Permission thank you 💗

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After 10 years of hard work, Wu Xie was finally able to clean up all the spies lurking around The Mystic Nine. But they are once again encountering a different adventure that is beyond their imagination. With Wu Xie's health deteriorating, will they be able to discover the secret of their new journey and come back safely, or another near-death encounter?Author's Note:This is actually my first time creating a story, and I choose to create one of my favorite dramas, DAO MU BI JI. It is fascinating how well the author Xu Lei can create the mystery and plot in the story. It is also kind of like opening up my knowledge about the history, folks, and legends that exist. So, I wanted to make one fanfiction based on this story.All characters belong to Xu Lei, I only just created a different plot based on my imagination. And also I will be adding some new characters too to match the plot I wanted to create. Thank you for reading and stopping by, I really appreciate it ❤️.Also, English is my second language, so please excuse me for any misspellings or any weird words I used. Thank you for understanding.Please do not Repost, thank you.

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So this is basically what it sounds like so yeah and if you like it you can show that by commenting

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A young boy goes through life with the mantle of a higher priesthood, which exposes him to higher levels of spiritual awareness and a high demand on his calling to preach the gospel to God's people. But on his way, he battles with the rage that is in the memories from his past life where he failed to accomplish the same mission he is now doomed to repeat.

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