His Obsession.

His Obsession.

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KAYON PRIDE-26 years old billionaire of NYC. He is the owner of the vast Pride Empire.
He is arrogant, heartless, selfish and he gets what he wants.
What will happen when his top most favourite thing is not a thing but a girl who is already possessed by someone?

Will he ever be successful in making her his PRIDE POSSESSION?

πŸ₯‡- Genius Award winner (2018-2019).
πŸ₯ˆ- Moon Phase Award. (2nd place).
πŸ₯ˆ- Kay Award. (2nd place).

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~As said in the title, I'm going to be rating Demon Slayer Ships and explaining why I don't or do like them~😁I'm going to remove the art on it. There are a lot of controversial ships on here so I'm going to remove all of the art. If you are curious enough and use incognito mode, you can search up the... weirder ships.
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Jeon Y/N, A sweet and kind hearted soul with an innocent mind, she loves everyone and always tries to make people around her happy... Unaware of the fact that the people around her had been keeping a big secret from her.Kim Taehyung, A man you wouldn't like to know, he has the world on his fingertip. He hates everyone and only uses them to get more powerful.He is cruel, ruthless and seems to have no heart. He has everything that a person desires, money, success, fame and most importantly he is feared by everyone, him the Mafia King had never bowed to anyone and is determined that the fact will remain the same. Is it possible for people with different personalities to fall in love? Will the Mafia King finally bow to someone out of love? Can an innocent person like y/n ever love the Mafia? No, right? Then what if she gets to know her brother might not be someone she thinks she knows.

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Wielding the power of magic makes you a sorcerer. Being sorcerer is a crime against the kingdom of Emedo and its ally, Keuta.When Seto finds out he belongs to this race of sorcerers he realizes his life will never be the same. He'll always be looking out behind him.To keep his secret hidden, Seto must act like everyone else and spend one year in the Kingdom's armed forces. A task required of every young male. But there are rumors, rumors that the Prince of Emedo works in the army himself.As battles begin to break out against the Emedo kingdom, Seto does the unthinkable and save the Prince's life, exploiting that he is a sorcerer. Being an honorable man the Prince promises him anything in return. But instead of the well needed protection Seto could hope for, Seto asks for something else all together. Something that forces him and new friends to go against laws and royals in attempt to stop a grave mistake from happening. Though, how long can Seto just turn a blind eye and pretend other problems don't exist, how long will he let his fears take over? How long can he ignore being a sorcerer?Art (c): Me, aka CATtheDrawer on DeviantART

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How To Rock A Glee Club Performance - Put Together Glee Club Performance

Learn How To Rock A Glee Club Performance - How To Put Together An Awesome Glee Club Performance. All the world's a stage and all the men and women are merely players. Shakespeare had it almost right. In actuality, on stage, the world can see all and men and women merely play skinny. On stage people can see every divot, roll, jiggle, and enough belly fat to have the Pillsbury Dough Boy's agent calling to ask you to replace him once his contract with Pillsbury expires. To make matters worse, a stage involves a spotlight and usually photographs and video footage where if they have the camera angle just right, it can look like an audition tape for The Biggest Loser.The good news is that there are things you can do to make yourself look skinny on stage and it doesn't involve converting to the Islamic faith and adopting the burka... a plus-sized burka. There are several things you can do to look skinny and polished on stage: Disguise the arm flab. Unless you are Michelle Obama with killer arms, you might need to cover those triceps. You might find yourself thoroughly inspired and gesturing wildly on stage. Then looking back at the video footage of the event you see that your extra arm skin is flapping so wildly that the audience was waiting for you to take off at any moment. Unfortunately, Spanx does not make an arm bra, so you will have to disguise those arms by wearing a 3/4 length or full length sleeve or you can wear a jacket over your outfit. Sometimes a jacket is the preferable option because with thin fabric you can still see the movement of your under-toned arms.

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Evelyn Moore has been struggling with unrequited love for nearly two years. Reed Bishop has no idea.When the once-unreachable boy becomes her French partner and an eventful night leads to more than an arranged partnership, he just might find himself feeling the same way that she does.But what happens when you get what you've always wanted, and it doesn't turn out to be as it seems? What happens when something Evelyn considered a fantasy becomes reality, and suddenly she finds herself questioning every little thing?γ€ŠSAMPLE》62 | ROMWATTPAD FEATURED STORYFULL STORY EXCLUSIVELY ON DREAME

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