His Nightingale

His Nightingale

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Category: Romance
Book 1 of the Jackson Series!

Ella finally gets an opportunity to escape the clutches of her cruel tormentor before fate leads her to Ryder Jackson.

Broken and bruised, she soon finds comfort in Ryder who is equally as hesitant to wear his heart on his sleeve.

Both have pasts that they just want to forget and souls that need healing. Will they be able to move on together or will history catch up to them?


I smile shyly and move closer to his face as my eyes sneak a peek at his lips. Meeting his gaze that has darkened with desire I curl my fingers around his collar and pull him closer. "Now, are you going to kiss me?"

"Yes." He nods before leaning in until his lips are a breath away.

I pull back which makes him groan in frustration. "Promise to never let me go?"

It happens in a blur. His lips descend on mine in a hungry yet passionate kiss filled with longing. I whimper softly when his teeth bite down on my bottom lip and coax me to give in. And, I do.

His tongue meets mine as we explore each other, tasting and savoring. I tangle my fingers in his hair and tug slightly which makes him kiss me feverishly. It's like he almost doesn't want this moment to end no matter how much air is becoming a matter of priority.

I pull away first, dazed still. He follows and his lips trail over the heated skin of my neck, kissing across my jawline, teasing the corner of my lips before nibbling on my earlobe. I'm a mess as I crave more of his addictive touch. I feel like I'm flying.

"I promise to never let you go, Ella."

Published to Wattpad: 01/02/20

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#1 in chills 7/6//18#1 in horror story 7/8//18#2 in scariest 7/6//18#3 in creepystories 7/7//18#4 in boo 7/7//18#5 in goosebumps 7/6//18(Highest rank: #37 in Messages) Short Spooky Stories in the form of messages. Some chapters scarier than others.Recommendation: Do not read at home alone especially at night.Warning: This Series contains mature content, gore, and content some viewers may find upsetting.P.S: This book may cause explicit cringe.

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'როდესაც გადაწყვეტთ ფეიქის შექმნას,ნუ დაიღლით თავს ინგლისურად მოძებნით,შემოდით და აირჩიეთ^^'

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