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One thing, just one little thing Julie had to do to have a...

Let's say decent...

First day at her new school...

Don't. Draw. Attention.

First impressions mean everything. Just one little screw up and she knew that she would have to wish her junior year goodbye.

So she decided to stick to this one grand rule that would ultimately determine her social life, reputation, and mentality.

Survive through highschool.

How hard can it be right?



She was reading in her room when she just decided to take one...


HARMLESS glance outside of her new bedroom window.

But all of a sudden...


There stood a half naked, greek god bad boy right before her very own eyes!!

So you may ask, what do you do in a situation like this?


You squat down in the middle of your bedroom floor...

Because that's obviously not embarrassing...

And start doing ninja rolls from one side of the room to the window curtains going COMPLETELY UNNOTICED.


That is until you bang your head against the wall after doing a total of SIX slightly slanted ninja rolls right in front of your friendly...

Still without clothes...

Abs are present...

Somewhat very sexy...

Abs are still present...

Okay really good looking...


Hot, sexy, and did I mention ab-delicious Neighbor

Or to be more specific...

Ashton Rider.

Say goodbye to an unnoticed school year, and hello to the bad boy's world.


Book one in the T.B.B.B. (The Bad Boy Boxer) Series

WARNING: Lots of typing mistakes!!! Read at your own risk!! Editing will be taken place when I find motivation!!! (Heh... about that....)

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this is a creek fanfict yayWARNING: THIS STORY IS REALLY GAY! PROCED WITH CAUTION! Credit to the artists

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