His little maid ( Editing )

His little maid ( Editing )

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Category: Romance
For the coming of the prince (Alexander), new maid servants were employed at the palace and Rebecca happened to be one of them.
What happens when Alexander meets with Rebecca a very petite and innocent maid whom he can't get off his mind?

Cover was made by me
Owner of picture is unknown, if you know please let me know. For credits or take down.

Thank you.

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كلً مننا له فضاء ف أعماقه... َ لكن هل سيظهر القمر و نرى النجوم و الضوء و يمتلئ هذا الفضاء؟!!.لا نعلم ف كله مكتوب و كله مقّدر. 💛

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