His Cheetah | Soulmate/Hybrid | Jimin x Reader✔

His Cheetah | Soulmate/Hybrid | Jimin x Reader✔

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At last, it was your turn to meet Jimin. The double heartbeats of your nearing soulmate was pounding harder than ever.

You then moved your legs and stood in front of the man. You tried to keep your fangirling inside of your head and avoided eye contact with him.

"Don't be afraid," he softly said.

You take a big deep breath and slowly lift your head. The moment your eyes meet his gaze, an unimaginable feeling rushed in like a tidal wave. The feeling was so incredible, nothing how you would have ever thought it would've.

Your breath catches in your throat. Your heartbeat exceeds its normal amount. The only thing you can do is stare; Jimin the exact same way.

And at that moment, you smelled something you would have never noticed before. . .

Park Jimin is a hybrid.


In which Y/N L/N is a Cheetah hybrid and meets her soulmate Park Jimin at a fan meet.
Started: April 25, 2020
Ended: August 29, 2020
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Cover by @KimGits

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