His and Her marriage

His and Her marriage

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Category: Romance
A woman named Roxanne is married to a billionaire named Lucian Farwell they divorce because Lucian is in love with someone else.

After six long years Roxanne returns to the country with her twin boys. She has quadruplets the eldest boy and the girl separated from her at birth leading her to believe they are dead until they are all reunited and become a family again this time a happy family and have three more children when the older four are older two are planned one isn't

Lucian Farwell
Roxanne Farwell (Jarvis until her and lucian remarry)
Ellis Farwell (Lucians father)
Sonya Farwell (Lucians mother)
Edward Farwell (The eldest son of Lucian and Roxanne)
Archie Farwell (Jarvis until his parents are married the second son of Lucian and Roxanne)
Caleb Farwell (Jarvis until his parents are married the third son of lucian and Roxane)
Wednesday Farwell (The daughter of lucian and roxanne)
Jake Farwell (The fourth son of Lucian and Roxanne)
Asher Joseph (AJ) Farwell (The fifth son of Lucian and Roxanne)
Harvey Farwell (The sixth son of Lucian and Roxanne)
The Farwell Clan
Harry Jarvis (Roxannes father)
Hermione Jarvis (Roxannes stepmother)
Mavis Jarvis (Roxannes mother)
Arthur Jarvis (Rocxannes Half-Brother)
Lucy Jarvis (Roxannes Half-Sister)
Madlyin Thrope (Daughter of Martha Thrope)
Martha Thrope
Augustus Reed (Father of Madylin Thrope)
The piersons
June Pierson (Aubrei's mother)
Jasper Pierson (Aubrei's father)
Aubrei Pierson (who lucian doesn't marry)
The Pierson clan
The Damiras
Mason Damiras
Jac Damiras (Mason's grandson)
The Damiras clan
Robin Queen
Jonas Queen
Freya Queen
The Queen clan

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