Hero Society (DabiHawks)

Hero Society (DabiHawks)

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Written in collaboration with TheWriterShikari787.

⚠️Trigger Warnings ⚠️
●Child Labor
●Mentions of Abuse
●Mentions of Rape

Takami Keigo is a transgender male hero. When he was younger and just starting out in his transition the young man was in a secret relationship with the oldest son of the number two hero, Endeavor. Just as something unusual happens from his relationship with the other boy, Touya, Keigo's lover, dies in a fiery inferno, so he never gets to tell Touya about the egg that later hatches into a beautiful baby boy who is the perfect combination of the pair of them.

Years later, Keigo, now known to the world as the Wing Hero: Hawks, is asked to infiltrate the League of Villains to feed information to the other heroes in hopes of stopping the villain organization. His point of contact, a scarred villain who reminds the man of the boy he once loved. Hawks sympathizes with the villains and almost wishes he could join them. What's stopping him?

Touya faked his death to escape his father's tyrrany, but in doing so, he had to leave his family and lover behind. No matter what, though, he never forgets any of them. He has become a vigilante turned villain, calling himself Dabi.

Dabi works tirelessly to rid his area of abusive scum while working with the League of Villains until one day, he comes face to face with Keigo again, the other man wanting to join the League, or so the bird says.

What happens when Dabi finds out about Keigo's secret love child, and the circumstances around the child's existence.

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