Hero Mine  (3B Hero Series) Book 3

Hero Mine (3B Hero Series) Book 3

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Category: Romance
Charity Ford is a Registered Nurse, and widowed mother struggling to raise her 1 year old son, Michael. Obsessed with finding her husband's killer, Charity took her vacation to learn all she could about what her late husband, and Army Ranger Lt. Eli Ford was into.

Sheriff Kyle Blanton and his K-9 partner, Pandora (Pan) are also hunting this mad man who was wanted for more than just murder. Having a psychic gift with animals he's able to communicate with them gaining information and insight no one else is privy to.

He's determined to protect his best friend's widow and their son. This tough little lady that he has known since they were kids doesn't make it easy. Making this task even more difficult is the fact that they never really got along.

However, working along side her childhood heart throb, is easier said than done. When Kyle is nearly killed as he tries to protect the woman he has always loved, Charity faces a terrifying decision.

Can she trust this man with not just her life, but the life of her son? But, how can a former-Ranger/a cop with one leg protect her from a mad man? Well, she's about to find out that it's his Faith and inner strength that make him who he really is and not his battle scars.

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