Her Strength, His Weakness

Her Strength, His Weakness

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Category: Romance
( under spell check and editing )

Aurora is a smart, feisty, strong 18 year old girl.
She suffers from generalized anxiety disorder.
She gets top grades and is an all round good student, but she has parts of herself that she struggles with.

Archer is the 'bad boy'. He's a strong, fierce teenage boy. He's slightly aggressive and doesn't allow people to get to close, but the bad boys always have a soft spot.

When these two people from completely different lives collide in the hallways, they start to notice things about each other and them selves that they never knew before. Will the fighter save the good girl, or will she save him?

He's her Strength.
She's his weakness.


Obviously All Rights Reserved.

Some mature content.

All photos used are not mine.
I do thank and give credit to those who's photos they are.

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