Her Mafia Cousins

Her Mafia Cousins

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Worthless, slut, ugly, unloved, that's what Kiera Ricci is told everyday. Her own family hates her. The family that should have loved her. Her birth family. Blood couldn't protect her from her own dad. So when they die and she's sent to live with her cousins after her parents die what will she do. Will she be abused again? Will she just run away? Or will she open up to them?

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When she was just two years old, Chiara Rose Bernardi was taken away from her family by her mother, to keep her safe.Taken to Sydney, Australia she lives under the name Chiara Wilson with her mother and her stepfather. Throughout her early life, she was abused by the two people she looked up to. Chiara had to grow up very quickly learn to fend for herself, and learnt lessons no one should ever have to learn.On the other side of the planet in New York City, USA the Bernardi family have been a living mess since their princess was taken away from them a long 14 years ago. When Chiara's mother and step-father 'unfortunately' pass away from a drug overdose, what will happen when the Bernardis finally find their princess and Chiara is sent to live with them?[in editing]TW - in this story there is mention of drugs, rape, sexual assault, violence, mature content, strong language, self-harm, suicide, abuse and degrading name calling, and intimate scenes.Started - 21st of September 2021Finished - It will be at some stage.

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