Her Dawning Empire: The Prophecy

Her Dawning Empire: The Prophecy

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Category: Fantasy
How hard can it be to fulfil a prophecy? That is, while having to work with a chiselled, righteous soldier who sees you merely as his duty and a silver-eyed, sarcastic demi-god that takes any chance to belittle you.

I doubt it would be that hard... right?


No-one was more familiar with that word than Hanna. With a part-time job as a waitress at a run-down cafe and trying to complete her studies while slaving away after her neglecting parents, Hanna had begun to believe that life was just an endless droll of misery.

It was too bad that normal wasn't written in Hanna's fate.

Her whole world was turned upside down when a scruffy man appeared in the cafe she worked at. Not knowing who he is or where he came from, he had simply given her a message on a slip of paper and left just as quickly as he had come.

That slip of paper changed everything.

Tossed into Aaru- an unknown world, Hanna is forced to come to terms with who she actually is and the purpose of her very existence, unfolding the secrets of her previously unknown powers. Not without help, of course.

By her side- a dark enticing God and dashing noble warrior to guide her path. Hanna must defeat the evil lurking in the ancient lands of Aaru as the prophecy had foretold.

But, will the evil be too much to overcome? Or, will her newfound relationships present as an obstacle?

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