Held Hostage

Held Hostage

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Category: Non-Fiction
Hands tied to a pole. In a cold and dark room. Silence but can only hear me sobbing. Tears running down face. I don't remember anything. Foot steps approaching the door. Heart started racing. Scared.

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Ranked #02 in spiritual.18/09/16. Alhamdulillah"Please don't." I said taking few steps back and he clenched his jaw."Why not?" He was literally confused as he took a step closer. I gulped."Cause you are. Na mehram." I whispered and his frown deepened.----------She was just another girl who met Him under the strangest circumstances. But once he rest his eyes on her, it was like impossible to look away. She intrigued him.He scared her.But you know, there are no coincidences, Its all perfect plan of ALLAH Subhan O Tallah.----"Hoping for him is like hoping for natural blue roses." I looked up from my hands and frown at Mrs. Khalid. "Uh.. you mean they are rare to find?" I asked confused and she gave me a small smile, which quite dint reached her eyes. "Blue roses don't exist." She informed and I blinked at her. Momentarily, Speechless.••••
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'Cole', he let out confidently. 'Yeah?', the reply was given rather softly. 'I will always protect you ok? No matter what happens, he said, his face fostering a smile. 'Hmmm, we will see about that, that is, if you could actually keep up first', Kace smirked at Cole's remark. 'Yeah, right...'

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a bookabout miraculous ladybug shit yall didn't know you wanted heh

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Hannah : you don't get to talk or even breathe next to that woman .Kane : She works with me , how am I ...Hannah : I don't care , just know that if you keep it on , I won't hesitate in finding guy friends to spend time with as well .Kane ( his eyes darken ) : Do it . The outcome won't be pleasant for you .Hannah : When did I ever care about the outcome of things ?Kane ( grabs her throat as she lets out a gasp ) : don't be afraid yet , that's nothing .Hannah : Just so you know ... this only makes me more irritated that someone set eyes on what's mine and got away with it . Because you don't scare me . This doesn't scare me . The only thing that does is how much it makes me want you more ... all of you ... mine and only mine ...People say a teacher and a student's relationship starts and ends in a classroom , however many things can happen in a classroom besides studying ...Meet Kane who broke the rules and fell for his student Hannah Floris , shamelessly and deliberately and uncaringly of the common restriction of this forbidden relationship .#love #writing #lovestory #yaromance

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Harry Potter and The Starlight Crown.

Harry Potter is raised far away from Britain.This is a kingdom hearts Crossover with Harry Potter.Kingdom hearts is owned by Disney and Square Enix Harry Potter is owned by J.K Rowling.

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