~Haikyuu Rare Pair One Shots~

~Haikyuu Rare Pair One Shots~

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Lockdown (BokuAkaKuroKen)

DISCLAIMER: I DO NOT OWN ANY OF THE Haikyu!! CHARACTERS. THEY ARE OWNED BY HARUICHI FURUDATE.DISCLAIMER #2 THIS STORY CONTAINS A LOT OF GAY, AND A POLY RELATIONSHIP. IF YOU'RE NOT COMFORTABLE THEN DO NOT PROCEED.This is a college AU, they all still play Volleyball.pan·dem·ic/panˈdemik/adjective(a disease) prevalent over a whole country or the world.Everything was going great.Kenma and Akaashi started college, a year after Kuroo and Bokuto did. They all got an apartment together, since they thought was the smartest idea, right? They wouldn't have to scar their wallets, they got help around the house, and overall had the support of each other.So what happens when fatality hits and an unknown, dangerous virus, called Coronavirus, starts roaming the world, forcing them into their already slightly cramped apartment and not letting them out?What happens, when feelings start to bloom thanks to the forced proximity between the four of them?Will they face their feelings, or instead, hoard toilet paper?I ACCEPT CONSTRUCTIVE CRITISM.I, HOWEVER, DO NOT ACCEPT MY WORK BEING TAKEN. IF MY WORK STARTS LOOKING LIKE SOMEONE ELSE'S PLEASE POINT IT OUT AND I WILL CHANGE IT, I WON'T STEAL PEOPLE'S WORK EVEN IF IT'S AN ACCIDENT.Started on October 3.
Hermitcraft Oneshots

a collection of crack, hermitcraft fics and actually normal hermitcraft fics we write in discord which actually turn out well for some reason? credits in each chapter, put together by owners of this account, enjoy our crack shit ig,?? cover by: some post on reddit

you don't have nothing to do? do you want to see some Ship?......then you're in the right place😙
My Haikyuu (and sometimes other anime) Ship Headcanons

I like reading Headcanons and Twitter threads so I thought why not do some about my favorite ships. P.S. I'm a MAJOR multishipper so LOTS of rarepairsP.S. ART DEFINITELY ISNT MINE I JUST SEARCHED UP THE SHIP ON GOOGLE
Simple Reasons (Fluff UshiHina)

Hinata falls in love with Ushijima and confess. Sadly, Ushijima rejects him and it was hard for Hinata to handle his broken heart.PLEASE DO NOT COPY THIS FANFIC WITHOUT ANY CONSENT OR FORM OF PERMISSION*For Fun Only*Hi all, this is my first time writing a story, so please don't expect any perfection LOL. I apologize for any grammar mistakes and all as English is not my first language ;)I just want to try this out as i ship this rare pair soo hardd they are my absolute favorite pair in haikyuu!#ushihina forever ❤️Disclaimer :- Haikyu!! is originally written and illustrated by Haruichi Furudate. I do not own Haikyu!! as this story is only a fan fiction- All pictures used on this fanfic are not mine. Credits goes to the various artists
and they were roommates! (oh my god they were roommates!)

Trophy and Cheesy have to share a room in hotel Oj, and Trophy is more than displeased at this information. Trophy learns to tolerate Cheesy and starts to develop a crush on him, what a turn of events!
Love at Second Sight  (Koi No Yokan) || BrightMew

For Mew, falling in love with Bright didn't happen overnight or instantly upon crossing paths and meeting each other's gaze across a crowded room as depicted in most romantic movies.It was a gradual yet inevitable process. Just like a pebble flipped onto a lake's surface sinks to the bottom, the heavy downpour and a gentle drizzle both seeps into the ground; Mew too fell slowly, little by little each day, then all at once. Before he knew it, Mew's already drowning - lost in a bottomless ocean of love and unrequited feelings for his oblivious best friend.

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Ginelle Hayes is orphaned, and after escaping her abusive guardian with a dark secret, she finds herself alone on the cruel streets of London. Then Eloise Ashford arrives to take the impoverished child under her care and back to her lavish plantation manor where she raises the skittish child as her own. He is an intense and challenging man, with dark secrets and a guarded heart. Dorian Don Ashford returns from sea, eager to seek the comforts of his manor home, only to find an unwanted distraction in the form of a small, orphan girl. As time transpires, the girl transforms into a remarkable beauty that stirs feelings unknown to Dorian, slowly thawing the ice around his heart. But when a sudden tragedy occurs, will it bring Dorian and Ginelle closer, will their desire and destiny bound them together in the thralls of love or will the past resurface and the perilous truths shatter their lives forever?Cover done by M_Rainberry.

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