Hacker's are dangerous (SLOW UPDATES)

Hacker's are dangerous (SLOW UPDATES)

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"I heard you were the player, nice to meet you, I am the coach"

"Just because I look like a nerd doesn't mean I am going to act like one," I told him. He stopped laughing and his eyes held amusement.

"I'm a soldier, not god" he simply told me and I rolled my eyes. I sat up from the chair and crossed my arms over my chest.

"Such gentlemen," I mumbled

Arden Jackson, also known as CJ is on the F.B.I's most wanted list. Her life was perfect, well, not really, but a life nonetheless.


I forgot that hacking into the worlds most secure system and running away from the Russian Mob is not a life. Well, at least she thinks its a life.

High School was sadly not on her bucket list but she doesn't have a choice. Preferring to go to high school then to end up dead at the side of the highway. But when she does, it makes her second guess her decision

Someone just makes her blood run cold, the bad boy.

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When you know, you know. And he always knew you were the one for him.

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