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Age Regression Short Story

Short story about age regression

Continuation of REBIRTH OF THE REVENGE QUEENTo continue reading other parts:
Bad Intentions

I shook my head at him. This is his game. But that doesn't mean I can't master it. I gave him a seductive smile. "Are you scared that I might just beat you at your own game?"Jace let out a deep chuckle that sent tingles down my back. "Sweetheart, I'm here to remind you of one little thing." He pushed off the island."And what's that?" I asked with a raised eyebrow cautious of his movement.Still seated on the counter, he walked between my legs. His hands grabbed my waist and pulled me closer to him. A soft gasp left my lips from his sudden movements. Not even once did he break eye contact. I felt my throat run dry from the intense look. "That even in this little game, you belong to me." ****Senior year for Leah Tate came around before she knew it and she couldn't wait to get started with her best friend, Kayla Greyson. Both were ready for a good final year of high school and excited to see what life after high school held ahead. But fate has other plans for Leah especially when Nate Rylan, Leah's childhood friend and first love, moves back into town. Still trying to get over her heartbreak and to show Nate she has moved on, Leah enlist in the help of Jace Emerson, the resident bad boy. Jace who is well know for his cold hearted demeanor and playboy ways agrees to help Leah, but for a price of course. A game with an inevitable ending, try to make the other person fall.Ultimately, Leah agrees to Jace's price and the façade along with the game begins. Of course nothing is easy, Leah finds herself intrigued by Jace. Danger, hatred and dark secrets all surround this bad boy. Is Leah ready to uncover what is ahead? Especially since she found herself in the center of it all.Highest Rankings🥇🥈🥉#1 Fiction 12/31/2022#1 Humor #1 Teen Romance#8 Romance#14 Teen Fiction
When Black And White Created Grey ✔️

Bethany Richard, a 17 year old loner wolf posing in the small town of Abraxas as a "human", finds herself caught in a whirlwind of rejection, growth, and acceptance after stumbling upon her mate. Will Bethany manage to conceal her true identity, or will the carefully crafted illusion she's painted shatter?Feel free to vote, and comment on my story, if you like my work enough. It means alot.This story is complete ♥️.
Smash or pass Rock edition

*completed*Literally what the title says
Fitoor | ✓

One snowy night, one dead body, one alive, two hearts; and three fates to change forever.
یاریکردن لەگەڵ گەورترین مافیایی ئاسیا

ن/ت:تۆ کاکەی من نییتە جۆنکگووک:تۆ هەر موڵکی منی تایهونگ:بێجگە لە من نابێت کەسە دەستەت لێی بدات رۆسێ:بۆچی نەت توانی وەک وە نەفرتی منت خۆشەوبوێت داسوم:بەڵام من تۆم خۆشەدوێت جیمین:تکایی تۆزێکە منەت خۆشەبوبێتلیسا:هەمووتان بە نەفرت بنتۆماس:ببور تکایی من هەڵە بووم تۆ وا مەکە تکایی
aizen Male reader x hotel Transylvania

Story of strong soul reaper in hotel Transylvania

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Age Regression Short Story

Short story about age regression

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Love coma

cover by:@Dindin_writes Based on a tamil movie

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WARNING: I SHALL NOT BE HELD RESPONSIBLE FOR ANY STUPID THINGS YOU DO BECAUSE OF THIS BOOK. I DO NOT PERSONALLY OWN ALL OF THESE. VIEWER DISCRETION IS MOST DEFINITELY ADVISED.When you're bored, you go do something to make you "un-bored". I suggest Netflix, Youtube, or if you're a bookworm, reading. Personally, I'm more of a WattpadWorm, but you can be any type of worm you want to be, I'm not judging.When you're really bored, you can read my book. Go try some of these things. Tell me how it works. If you get kicked out of somewhere, I feel your pain. I have gotten "Please leave"s and "We would prefer it if you were to not come back here."s for dares. I've also gotten kicked out of lecture halls for laughing too loudly with my friends or "being a disruption". BUT THAT IS BESIDES THE POINT. What even was my point? Oh yeah, I would love if you would read my book. I'm just a starting author, and every bit of criticism helps. I thank all of my readers so so much and you are fabulous.#34 in random ?! i know it may not last long, but RAD, BRO // keep reading, don't judge the book from this comment.

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Naruto the Assassin.

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It Is Well With My Soul: The Horatio G. Spafford Story

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The Masterpiece

Jungkook is a great artist and also an introvert person. In his fame, he only focused on his career and work. One time on his vacation to his late grandfather's house where in the middle of nowhere. He saw a mysterious painting of a man. He fell to the paintings ethereal figure until the painting comes from his dream and life.One of the winner Golden Arrow Committee.Published in Main Features Different Kpop Amino.Published in Seokjin Amino.

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Eminence in Shadow: Moonlight in the darkness

Shiroi Kaslana, She has been bored all her life, she found this world uninteresting compared to the world she saw in movies or anime where there is magic, demons, elves and many more fantasy-like things exist.She found a life full of danger and adventure much more exciting than a life of constant work in an office where the days were constantly repeating. She is successful and popular and has her own company, but still it is a boring life when you have everything but nothing at the same time."If I am ever reincarnated into a fantasy world, I will live my life to the fullest. I will live an entertaining and fun life even if I am evil in the eyes of people, because Shiroi Kaslana is a greedy woman and would do anything to live a contented life~"I do not own Eminence in Shadow or any characters present in this fiction, except my Oc.

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