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• Season 2 of Greykin Mountain •

Jackson and his pack must travel deeper into Greykin Valley to find a cure for fighting the zombie wolves. But the virus is evolving, and the fate of the entire supernatural world is riding on their shoulders.


With the cadejo zombie virus rapidly evolving, Jackson and Damon's pack embark on a journey to Greykin Valley in search of a lab that might just hold the key to a cure. But Greykin's mountains have grown more dangerous, and cadejo and mangled humanoid creatures aren't the only danger lurking in the woods. Wolf hunters lay in wait, and a ferocious, hostile pack is on the prowl...and they want blood.

However, monsters and murderers aren't the only things in their way. Damon struggles with an internal battle over pack leadership. Sebastian worries that his mate will no longer be safe in Silverlake. Jackson grapples with controlling his powerful demon ethos while conflicted by his feelings for Damon and Wilson. As a hybrid of two species with mates, Jackson can't help but Damon his only mate, or does he have another waiting to be found?

❅ MxM Romance ❅ Enemies to Lovers ❅ Possessive Mates ❅ Mystery-Thriller ❅

Word Count: 251,000

✵ NumenVerse year: 1332

WARNING: This series contains depictions of violence, gore, and/or death that may be upsetting to some readers. Reader discretion is advised.

| October 2023 Editor's Picks |

2023 © Tate Csernis | | Series is exclusive to Wattpad and YONDER

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