Good Luck       PLATONIC Yandere DC x Reincarnated child reader

Good Luck PLATONIC Yandere DC x Reincarnated child reader

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PLATONIC Yandere DC x Reincarnated child reader
Y/n is a simple person. They have work, friends and family. Plain and simple. They have interest and hobbies like everyone else. They've recently taken an interest in the DC universe. So, our story begins when Y/n was driving home.

The same time some idiot decided to drive drunk.

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Ben finally beats Vilgax, but with a huge cost. All of the people Ben loves is dead, Gwen, Kevin, Julie, his parents, Grandpa Max, there all dead. With Ben all alone with Ship at his side, he becomes depressed until he is transported to another world where he gains another family, will he learn to trust and be happy again or will the past come to haunt him. I got this idea from another story, but I forgot their username thing but credits to them. It has the same themes as them but different plot and worded differently.
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All stories begin with "Once upon a time..."Charlotte Luchessi's a girl unlike any have seen. With a fast-thinking mind and a few skills and talents up her sleeve, nothing can take her down! But something does. A memory that had left her scarred, left her to lock away her sadness through her selflessness. As if that wasn't enough, she's mysteriously dragged into a world beyond imagination! One where she'll encounter magic and mayhem more than ever.Enter Night Raven College, a prestigious magic training school where mages alike can hone their skills to become the next generation of wizards. Under the guardianship of the Schoolmaster, Charlotte is given protection, with an unlikely ally by the name of Grim, and tasks to work around and within the school all while seeking for a way back home.But what's with the students and their abnormal behaviors? What secrets roam within these halls? And is the Headmaster, as well as a certain fae dorm leader hiding something from the student body and herself included? The answers have yet to be revealed. Before she knows it, Charlotte is caught in a web of secrets and magic, both good and bad. With something monstrous lurking in the shadows, more questions than answers popping up, and getting meddling students into shape all on her mind, Charlie is determined to get everything found out. And along her journey, she'll discover that she's a fate more entwined with this world than meets the eye. But will this unusual and surprising discovery be what gets her back home or bring unspeakable horrors to this mysteriously dangerous and haunting world? Look beyond the Mirror. Go down the Rabbit Hole. Fall under the Spell of The Twisted Wonderland.-------Based off of Aniplex/Disney Japan's "Twisted Wonderland" video game. All rights go to original creators. Artwork belongs to Yana Tobaso. Began: March 22, 2020Finished: ???Find me on tumblr at @akemiozawa. More info on my OC Charlotte there!
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(SLOW UPDATES)Nico di Angelo, the son of Hades and the King of Ghosts with many other titles. The person who's known to have more secrets than anybody else in both camps found out his friends and boyfriend's secret that had been kept for 3 months. As he left Camp Half-blood with the strong emotions of heartbreak and betrayal, he travelled through the shadows with one thought in mind: family. Arriving at the most crime-ridden city in the World, the broken King of Ghosts encountered with the infamous duo, Batman and Robin. With this encounter, Nico will experience challenges for the world and his life. Come and Find out, what our favourite King of Ghosts will face..._____________________________________________Disclaimer: The characters from the PJo, Hoo series, and DC universe aren't mine. PJo and Hoo belongs to Uncle Rick while DC belongs to DC. The only thing I own here is the plot and I hope you'll enjoy it.Graphics credited to @ghibli_book
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Nico di Angelo gets adopted by Bruce Wayne after Batman witnesses him stalking around a cemetery in Gotham. He doesn't want to move in with Bruce, but seeing as he can't supply any proof of his parents, or even his own birth records, he has no legal choice. It's Bruce Wayne or the foster system so Nico decides to take his chances with the billionaire. Nico gets dragged into the Batfam and has to learn their secret while trying to trying to hide the mythological world from the greatest family of detectives in the world.No Nico ships. It would get in the way of the plot. I will try to keep at least some-what accurate with the rest of the books. Everything belongs to Rick Riordan or DCU.(After pjo and before hoo)Please comment, vote, and tell me what you think! This book is currently being edited but will still be updating. Updates are slow.
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Alice decides to leave the Country of Hearts, but agrees to come back when she's ready. When Alice gets back, it's the 21 century. Alice must fit in to high school and to make it harder, the Wonderland gang comes up to retrieve Alice just as she is fitting in. They also attend her new high school. Alice must keep them a secret until she is ready to go back to Wonderland. To make it worst, Joker is in the real world to claim Alice for himself. What will Alice do?The plot is mine. I do not own Alice in the country of hearts/that whole series. You should totally read the books though! Some of the characters and settings are mine though. I don't own the pictures and videos used.
Doomsday x Young Justice (Harem)

Sean Turner was just a normal teenager when he was gravely wounded he was offered a chance at life..from Cadmus they said that they would help him be the best version of himself..but what they truly wanted was a weapon they could control..a puppet to pull his doing so he was injected with the DNA of Doomsday although it heal him he was now apart of something else..he was something else..he was Doomsday..eventually he was found by Powergirl a clone from the blood of Supergirl, join Sean Turner on this adventure of Young Justice

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