Gods and Goddesses -Editing-

Gods and Goddesses -Editing-

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Category: Romance
_________________ "Paneea Heartbroken" _________________ * * * * * * Her eyes glistened blue with tears and she fell to her knees with a slight thud. "How, how..can you do this to me?!" She screamed at no one in particular, as the wind picked up a fragrance of deep red roses, following swiftly. She pushed herself up forcefully and flew into the air. She disappeared. The wind left a smell of dried leaves roaming through the air. * * * * * *

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This is an ABDL story, so if you don't like it give it a try. The story is about a girl who accidentally finds out that she might like diapers.
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α€‘α€α€»α€­α€”α€Ία€α€½α€±α€”α€±α€¬α€€α€Ία€•α€Όα€”α€Ία€œα€Ύα€Šα€·α€Ία€œα€­α€―α€·α€›α€›α€„α€Ί ငါ မင်းကို နောက်တစ်ကြိမ် α€•α€Όα€”α€Ία€α€»α€…α€Ία€™α€­α€™α€Ύα€¬α€œα€¬α€Έ....

Rosaline sage Emerson a sweetheart who just wants to see a smile on everyone's faces. She's a complete loving person who loves more than she should.Damian Alaric villarey, he's a guy you look at from afar but don't go close to. He has an inner circle that he somewhat tolerates but, other than that he's always alone. His mother left him and his father was barely there. He grew up only having himself and he's always been content with that.When they meet Rosaline finds another soul to love and Damian finds a girl he's interested in. She finds what she's always longed for, unconditional love.He finds what he never knew he needed someone to have a home in, someone to love him.**"So that's why I think black widows cool and I'm basically her, I mean. Spiders don't scare me" I shrug and lean back."You woke me up at 3 in the morning to kill one in the bathroom last week" Damian points out."He's lying. My bud here, has an issue with lies" I put a hand to my heart shaking my head slowly.Sam chuckles lightly and I lean my head against Damians shoulder."Damian, lying is a disease" Josh instigates. "Fuck off" the grump mumbles. He's a sweetheart with a foul language. My sweetheart!**
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Rupert has been imprisoned by his wicked sister, and compelled to wed. His new wife, Madeline, has likewise been threatened into saying her vows. Forced into marriage, they find love, but can they find freedom before it is too late? The Prisoners of Wyvern Castle is a prequel to Embracing Prudence, due for publication in 2016.
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Short self-written poems as a reminder for everyone in need that no matter how broken you are, you are still strong, loved, worthy and definitely not weak.
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Modular Home Builders Near Me

Modular Home Builders Near Me

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In the year 2056 the world changed, heroes and villains emerged and with no one to control them the world became their playground and fell into great chaos.2056 the Heroes Association came in and with their support, the falling world was finally pieced together.2057 the Villains Organization declared an open war to the Heroes Association and the fight to death finally began.2070, with the same amount of strength, the villains and heroes could only manage to checkmate each other but during this time the Villains had their eyes set on a particular fellow that the heroes must protect at all cost.2071, that fellow became a fugitive hero and single-handedly formed a hero group that both sides found as a threat but couldn't find the true identity of.It was finally time for Gardiana, that fellow, to shake the world with the Teen Heroes more than she had already did.

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Love, Pain and Chances (on Hold)

LOVE isang salitang masarap pakinggan sa mga taong mahal mo tulad nang pamilya, kaibigan at higit sa lahat ang taong pinakamamahal mo, isang salita na hinahangad nang bawat tao sa mundo, ang mahalin nang taong mahal nila...ngunit sa bawat saya na ibinibigay nang LOVE ay kaakibat nun ay ang sakit..PAIN isang salitang kinaayawan natin, dahil sa salitang ito nakakaranas tayong umiyak at masaktan, salitang pilit nating iniiwasan ngunit kusa itong lumalapit saiyo...maraming ibig sabihin ang PAIN..ngunit mas masakit kung sa mismong taong pinakamamahal natin ang magbibigay sa iyo nang salitang iyon...CHANCES isang salitang mahirap ibigay sa isang taong nakagawa nang kasalanan sayo at sa taong nanakit sa iyo..ngunit sabi nga nila kung ang Diyos nagpapatawad tao pa kaya? ngunit sa pagbibigay mo nang salitang iyon sa isang tao, marami na ang nagbago at magbabago..at kung patuloy ibibigay man niya ito ang nais lang nito ay huwag nang maulit pa ang nakaraan...last but not the least...CHOICE, nasa iyo mismo ang desisyon kung ibibigay mo ang salitang LOVE at handa ka ulit makaranas nang PAIN at bigyan ang taong mahal mo nang CHANCE..walang ibang makakadesisyon kundi ikaw mismo, nasa iyo pa rin ang huling desiyon wala sa ibang tao..======================================THIS STORY IS BELONG TO THE ROMANCE CATEGORY...AT ITO ANG UNANG BESES NA GUMAWA AKO NANG STORY NA HINDI NAPABILANG SA ACTION CATEGORY..HAHAHA..HOPE YOU WILL LIKE THIS STORY...PLAGIARISM IS A CRIMEI WROTE THIS STORY WITH MY OWN THOUGHTS AND IMAGINATION, AND ALSO I GAVE MY CREDITS TO ALL THE STORY I READ BECAUSE OF THERE STORY I WROTE THIS STORY :D LAST BUT NOT THE LEAST THE K DRAMA THAT I WATCHED...HAHAHADate Started: June 16, 2017Date End:

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