Glass Eye (Eyeless Jack X Reader)

Glass Eye (Eyeless Jack X Reader)

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Breaking news is typically a term used to accentuate the severity of a set situation or event; socially, the term 'Breaking News' has become a sort of slang term in conversation to mean ' I have something important to tell you.' It was a phrase commonly heard, commonly spoke, and commonly disregarded. She really hoped that for once, maybe that wouldn't be the case as 'Breaking News' spread across the small static-ridden television, her name bolded in white lettering and her picture displayed on the screen.

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Time/Date Error (Damned of the 2/19th-Book Six) - Done

GPS LOCATION ERROR!CRC CPU ERRORRAM FAILED TO WRITE AT ADDRESS 000000x00NO BOOT DEVICE FOUND!CMOS SETTINGS ERRORBIOS CRC FAIL!TIME/DATE ERROR!(A)bort, (R)etry, (F)ail?(A)bort, (R)etry, (F)ail?NO USER INPUT DETECTEDSTARTING SYSTEM SHUTDOWN........noSergeant Stillwater is a highly trained Special Weapons soldier, trained by the US Army to fight and win on the nuclear battlefield. Stationed on a mountaintop in the Fulda Gap during the Cold War, the barracks is buried beneath meters of snow every winter and the Rear Detachment cut off from all help. Every prior year has resulted in dozens of deaths and wounded via enemy action or madness induced violence.This year he's woken up, badly injured, on the floor of a barracks room, with no clue how he got there, who he had for backup, or why he's been left for dead by persons unknown. He's not completely there, his brain malfunctioning and even the lizard unable to get all his systems running.But someone has let the winter into the barracks, and Sergeant Stillwater, badly wounded and barely more than a dangerous animal himself, has to survive in Arctic conditions and see, not only who he has to defeat to survive, but who else might need his help.
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January 9, 2019 Kilala bilang youtube influencer si Anna Gonzaga dahil sa kaniyang paggawa ng mga vlog patungkol sa mga kasysayang lugar. Isang araw nagv-vlog si Anna Gonzaga sa isang makalumang mansyon kasama ang kaibigan nitong si Amy, pinagbawalan na si Anna na huwag ituloy ang pag pasok sa isang kwarto ng mansyon ngunit hindi madaling pigilan ang pilyang si Anna.Nagising na lamang siya sa isang makalumang kwarto at doon niya napagtanto na iyon ang kwarto ng mansyon na pilit niyang pasukin. Ngunit paano na lamang kung hindi na iyon ang panahon kung nasaan siya nararapat ? Paano kung siya ay nakabalik sa nakaraan? Nakilala niya ang isang matandang ale na nagpakilala bilang Manang Filia at ipinaliwanag ni Manang Filia ang kaniyang mahalagang misyon kung bakit ito napunta pabalik sa unang panahonkailangan niyang maisalba ang buhay ng pinakamamahal na apo ni Manang Filia na si Dolores na siyang namatay sa kamay ng masasamang tao dahil sa bawal na pag ibig nila ni Lucas Hermosa na siyang anak ni Don Marco at Doña Felicidad Hermosa, ito ang pamilya na pinagsisilbihan ni Dolores. Magtatagumpay kaya siya? Magagawa niya kayang pigilan ang pagkamatay ng dalagang si Dolores at ang minamahal nitong si Lucas? Paano kung bumaliktad at siya ngayon ang maiipit sa sitwasyon?
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Nagka-crush kana ba? Nagka-boyfriend? Naranasan mo na ba na yung crush mo ay naging boyfriend mo?Nangyari kay Saelah 'yan, her crush have a girlfriend. But one day, she heard that her crush and his girlfriend broke up. She comfort her crush that cause her to love him more. Hindi na paghanga ang nararamdaman niya kundi pagmamahal na.What will happened if that ex-girlfriend came back? Pero boyfriend na niya yung crush niya but she feels na mahal pa rin ng boyfriend niya yung ex-girlfriend.What will she do? She will accept it or not?"I fixed you when she broke you, but you broke me when you are already fixed." โ€• SaelahPLAGIARISM IS A CRIME!PS : the cover that i used is not mine, credits to the real owner. [@pinterest]© ALL RIGHTS RESERVED.
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PROLOG! Mein Name ist Megan Rone. Ich bin ein 16 Jรคhriges sehr sensibles Mรคdchen wie es von auรŸen herein leider nicht so schien. Doch das war ich, ich zeigte mich nur nicht so, anderen gegenรผber. Ich lebe in London bei meiner alleinerziehenden Mutter Cornelia. Meinen Vater kannte ich leider nicht da er vor meiner Geburt gestorben war doch meine Mutter kรผmmerte sich sehr gut um mich. Doch was mich nicht sehr amรผsierte war das meine Mutter mit meinen Deutschlehrer ausging. Ich mochte diesen Lehrer sehr nur sein Sohn Niall war ein ziemlicher Player an unserer Schule. Alle Mรคdchen gefielen ihm, nur mich und meiner besten Freundin war er so ziemlich egal. Dachte ich zu mindestens am Anfang. Hallo meine lieben Leser und Leserinnen. Dieses Buch handelt von Drama, Freundschaft, Leidenschaft und Liebe. Ihr werdet sehen dieser Player Niall wird eine groรŸe Rolle in Megans Leben spielen. Doch es wird sich auch zeigen dass Player nicht immer so sind wie sie sich neben ihren Freunden zeigen sondern auch Herz haben.

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Includes:-imagines-drabbles-oneshots-skz as...-preferences-reactions-dating doorsHope you like them!<3ยฉ gisimori ;; 2019ยฉ SAKUZZA ;; 2020DO NOT COPY OR REWRITE WITHOUT WRITTEN PERMISSION BY gisimori//SAKUZZA

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Natalie couldn't remember much from 6th grade, but she can remember one certain boy.His name was Aaron.They both stood as best friends, until graduation day came. Aaron had to move to a different school, but before he did, he gave Natalie one of his prized possessions.It was a broken snow globe with a small hole on the top."Make memories and slide them in there!"As the years went by, Natalie had went through hardships without her 'bestfriend'.Middle school years went to highschool years. She saw Aaron there, but he wasn't the Aaron she knew from the past. Not just Natalie and Aaron but, fights, drama, and friendships are broken out.

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this is just about my aesthetic filled day, non-toxic self care, and my dreams about being a doctor :))) :D

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See this super cool story about a girl named Courtney, but her friends call her Candy, who lives in a science fiction city which has a wall around it, forbidding the citizens to go beyond that mysterious wall. But one day her beloved pet unicorn gets kidnapped and taken to the outside of the wall, and she and her 8 friends go on a journey try and go find her! Watch them as They meet dangerous monsters, mysterious bad dudes, and magical pixies! Meet Candy, The star of the show! She loves anything strange or mysterious and special, especially her unicorn. Sparkle Cloud. Candy also likes rainbows, glitter, magic, and cute things, Which are all special and strange to her. She is very fair and always give everyone a chance. She will be fierce to protect her friends and ANYTHING that is precious to her. Meet Ellie and Carly, Candy's closest friends. Ellie and Carly are twin sisters, but they don't look like each other AT ALL! Carly is caring, thinks of others first, and kind to others, while Ellie is the agreeing one, but the daredevil of the team.Meet Whitney, The bipolar Queen of Sarcasm. She looks on the negative side of the situation, but you will love her sarcastic remarks, clever retorts, and fierce loyalty! Meet Cecilia, Who, unlike Whitney, looks on the upside of every situation. It's a wonder that these two are best friends! She is curious, honest, and always finds room for questions. Meet the boys, Teddy, Alex, Leo, and Jeremy. Teddy is quite oblivious to things around him, and has no idea what sarcasm is. Alex, is the smartest guy on the team (but you wouldn't know it). Leo, the prankster and test subject, and Jeremy, the... stalker!!! This unforgettable comedy will be unlike any other. But.... Read it at your own risk! This book will make you LOL so hard that you might puke out your guts!P.S YES YOU CAN USE THIS PLAY FOR YOUR SCHOOL IF YOU LIKE

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