Giving You the Stars and Galaxies, Giving You My Life and Love (Endearing Love)

Giving You the Stars and Galaxies, Giving You My Life and Love (Endearing Love)

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Category: Romance
40,000 years ago, the Goddess of Galaxies gave her life away while in battle with the demon King Hua Cheng. In order to stop him from ruling and bringing chaos to all 4 realms, she ripped out her core to open the omni-manipulation technique- being able to manipulate everything - creating and shaping the nothingness that is before the existence of the universe creating a prison, locking away the demon king. Before taking her last breath, her husband, the god of war Qin Yu, cradled her in his arms, creating a shield that would stop her death from destroying the entire universe. The only thing that came out of the exploding star was two bright golden orbs that contained strong and powerful life force. The god of war went missing as the Galaxy Goddess exploded into millions of tiny stars that now govern the entire universe. The two golden orbs fell into the pond of the Constellation Keeper Kong Sang. So he brought them before the Heavenly Emperor to decide what to do with them

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