Gintama: Her unlikely opponent

Gintama: Her unlikely opponent

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Sakata Kagura always been a tomboy with family issues. She promised herself that she wouldn't fall in love which in her second year, a cute freshman boy Okita Sougo confessed to her but she rejected him. After that, she never seen Okita which he transfers into a different school that she felt bad.

Two years, Kagura as a senior got very popular by her beauty and her strenght but she still rejected herself to love someone in a romantic way that many of her underclassmen saw her more cold-hearted than her best friend Nobume.

But one day, a new student transfers into Gintama school was devilishly handsome guy which turns out to be Okita that brings Kagura's no romantic love plans crashing down by her sadistic prince love interest.

"Kagura-senpai, you're still so cute since the day you rejected me. even you got prettier as hot"


"You're so cute when you're embarrassed"

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