Gate: Thus, humanity didn't die in the dark.

Gate: Thus, humanity didn't die in the dark.

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Category: Science Fiction
With the foundation tightening their grip on Ganzir and humanity on the brink of annihilation The UNGOC director along with her Choas insurgency and Church of the broken god counter parts decide that while earth is lost humanity isnt. Through the use of the Church of the broken gods magic they force the gate to come to their reality and thus humanity begins its escape.

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The straightforwardness and adaptability of the fittings make them appropriate for some, applications including siphoning stations, water treatment works, sewage treatment works, plant rooms, meter chambers, control age hardware, gas conveyance stations.

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Sia & Chanel aren't normal teenagers, they're twins that posses magical abilities that comes with heavy responsibilities, busy parents that are rarely home anymore, and the only hope the city seems to have against magic. Sia & Chanel's story starts with their parents & grandparents; Granny & Pa lived with them and ran their Mother's, Nanร , Boutique, Ma's, most of the days, Granny comes from a family of powerful Necromancers, she was the eldest in the family and was left as the protector of the coast. Granny defeated an evil Mage, Helga*, before the Council stepped in with "Officers" and cleaned everything up. Granny retired. Now Granny teaches the girls about their history and powers subtly because their mother is still hesitant about exposing the rest of the family and the girls to things they may not be ready for. Father, Jean, was an ex-military man with a past that turned Chef. His restaurant, Pa's, in downtown DC was a go to spot for all the big names that visited. Mother, was a Politician, she worked downtown as well. Mother was looking to run for the Secretary of Justice, this made her become highly targeted and she stepped on the LCNs toes recently she lost her last security guard and she looked into options to upgrade. This led to the hiring of (ret.)Alias:Wilson who wasn't taking retirement well and needed the action but what he didn't expect was to be personally selected as the "Nanny". But nonetheless, things turned out well when he begins to see the girls are different and they start growing interested in his training and past, he begin training them, introduced them to Providence. This was the beginning of their relationship that would save their worlds.

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