From LA to UK {Larry Stylinson book 1}

From LA to UK {Larry Stylinson book 1}

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"Can you for once be honest with yourself, Louis?" Harry pulls his hair. He is so frustrated with the guy he has been living with for the past few weeks.
"I am honest with myself! You just think you can turn everyone.... you know the way you are."
"Turn everyone what, Louis? Can't you speak the word? Is only saying the word too disgusting for you? Do you mean gay. G-A-Y... GAY."
"Stop it!" Louis covers his ears with his hands. He doesn't want to hear it. Harry's words can't be slightly true. Eleanor is proof of that.
"You can't keep treating me like shit and kiss me afterwards! You can't say you are straight and keep kissing me! Go on, Louis. Tell me you only like girls and you never enjoyed one kiss we shared. Say it to my face."
Louis stays silent, swallowing the lump in his throat.
"I hate you, Styles."
"Fake news, Tomlinson."

Louis Tomlinson is your typical popular high school guy. He has a beautiful long term girlfriend Eleanor and his best friend Zayn he can always count on. Together with Eleanor, Zayn and Zayn's girlfriend Perrie they rule Doncaster high. Louis has it all: A beautiful girlfriend, popularity and a loving family. The only thing that is missing are good grades. That's exactly the reason why Louis participates to this exchange program to LA. Not that he is very excited about it.

Harry Styles is an openly gay hipster boy. He has flashy sunglasses, floral shirts and cool bandana's keeping his hair out of his eyes when he paints. Harry loves art and believes that London is one of the most beautiful cities. That's why Harry applied to the London school of arts. Hoping to higher his chances to get in, Harry participates in an exchange program his school is having with another school in the UK. Harry couldn't be more excited to visit the country of his dreams and meeting new people, the social bird Harry is. Little did he know he would end up with a homophobic partner that tries to ruin his time in England.

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