Freak [Zianourry] - COMPLETE

Freak [Zianourry] - COMPLETE

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The Billionaire's Unwanted Bride

It Is a one-night stand for a 24 years old college girl, Annabelle. With no strings attached.When she sees her baby father on the cover page of a magazine tagged as a billionaire and a Casanova, her mother is set on using him to change their poor status.Aidan is a 26 years old billionaire with a high sexual urge, ever since the night with Anna. He is less interested in keeping a woman and having a baby is totally out of it. When confronted with the news of Anna's pregnancy, he denies it until her mother threatens to tarnish his image.Will Aidan agree to the marriage? Will Anna keep the pregnancy even after the rejection? Will she be able to take his insults and the fact that he finds her unwanted?
(BL)(MTL) After the full-level boss strayed into the infinite game

Book 1 MubaiType: other typesStatus: SerializingUpdate: 2022-11-16Introduction to the articleBai Lixin was involved in a weird game. 【Ding! Players are welcome to an immersive escape game. 】【Ding! Let's start the luck check, and the luck will be linked to the player's copy selection. 】When other players detected ABB one after another, the detection system slowly jumped on Baili Xin's forehead. 【Ding! Congratulations to the player, your luck is F-, the unlucky one who is invincible in the universe! 】【Ding! Congratulations to the player, who has won the special title - "Mould God" (the only one). ] Bai Lixin: "???" Congratulations? Why do you like it? Not long after, the players who were trapped in the escape game discovered that an incredibly beautiful, strong and miserable player had come to the game this time. The appearance is against the sky, the strength is invincible, but every time the luck is extremely bad, the copy is either bug level or horror S level. Just when everyone thought that the little beauty was bound to die, he broke through countless levels and embarked on the road to becoming a god! NO.1: Bride of the River God System: This copy is a role-playing copy. Congratulations to the player. The character you have drawn is a saint who is lingering and sick, and her force value has been weakened by 95%. Not long after, Bailixin hit ten with one. Escape ghost: You call this a lingering sick bed? System: ... NO.2: True Ancestor of Blood Race System: Players need to draw game items before the start of the dungeon. Congratulations player, the item you drew is... True Ancestor? Baili Xin:? ? ? What did I draw? System: ... What did he draw? ! NO.3: Undead Wedding Dress System (Super Happy): Congratulations to the player, you have been selected as the Undead Bride! You will get the exclusive buff of Undead Bride: Death. Later, Bai Lixin came back to life several times, and by Full Description

"Would you keep that mouth shut, or should I just fucking fill it up instead?" Forced to Retire due to his arm injury, Kenji Sato is back to his argumentative and rude self, frustrated at the outcomes of his decision. Due to an expected meeting, at one last attempt to stay connected to baseball, he takes up Y/N's offer to train her. Little does she know what he wants in return.18+ MATURE. KEEP AWAY MINORS.#76 out of 1.49 Million Works in Fanfiction (19 Jul 2024)
The Prisoner's daughter

Irina "Iris" Black was raised by her godfather, Remus Lupin. She had never met her father. Now, Iris is off to her first year of Hogwarts. She becomes friends with the Golden trio, The Weasley twins, Ginny and Neville. But when Sirius Black is on the loose, Iris has this feeling that she is the Prisoner of Azkaban's daughter. Takes place during "Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban" and "Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire".(Iris and Jack are the only characters I own. The rest are Harry Potter characters.)
This Would Be Paradise (Book 1)-A Zombie Novel

(Book 1) In a world where a virus has spread turning most of the population into flesh eating monsters, there are two friends partying it up in New Orleans when the infection hits. Far away from home, they are trapped and trying to make sense of all that has happened with the help of new friends and enemies along the way. Zombies aren't the only thing to fear...Copyright © 2013 by N_D_Iverson All Rights Reserved.(Warning: This is the unedited, raw first draft) **The edited and polished version, with bonus content and a never before seen chapter, is now available on all eBook retailer websites!**
[OLD!] little sister (BoBoiBoy x child! Sister! reader) [DISCONTINUED]

"Adventure time!"you are BoBoiBoy little sister and your journey begin with your big brother, BoBoiBoy and his friends. [Please read disclaimer before you start]Disclaimer:- This story just for fun and practice to write and continue chapter and parts and make BoBoiBoy fandom happy continue read this content
To Love A Villain

"Leave, you're free. Don't ever come back here again." She said, hoping he wouldn't return and she'll get to live Hael was shocked, "Are you abandoning me, My Lady?"Corvina Cory lived her first life like a typical villainess and the consequences of her actions were pretty obvious. She died at the hands of the person she was in love with. Yet she gets a second chance at her first life even though she didn't want it. She didn't want to face the man she was madly in love with again and she definitely didn't want to get killed again by him as well.
FORM OF A NIGHTMARE by Kim Yong-ki (english translation)

Two survivors of a murderous gang meet when similar crimes begin to occur.A fan translation of the sequel for the "Others are Hell" webtoon. I used an app to translate it so it will not always be completely accurate, forewarning. Also I did not make this comic, I only translated it to english. Please support the original comic if you can through views, likes and/or buying episodes.

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Love me - Albedo Kreideprinz

"Love me... Love me.. Love me!""Albedo.. what did you do..?"Cover image was made by '@anzu0130' on twitter. I do not own the art, they do. Check them out (:Please ignore any typos/misspellings, English isn't my first language and once I start writing I tend to type fast.Cw: This story has mention of blood, murder, sexual content, obessive/yandere and mention of something that could trigger you (the reader). Please be wary of this while reading. I will not put tws in front of everything as that would ruin the story.

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YooHanKim Oneshots + Headcanons

a yoohankim book there will be angst + fluff maybe smuts? idfk.if you'd like to make a request i would be happy too ~ ☆And any arts in this book is not mine ~ ☆Credits to the owners of the art ~ ♢If you enjoy this please do leave a vote or follow ~ ♡

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The Weird thoughts of Miss Weird

Beware of the of Poems...They're weird

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"I promise when I come back... I'll be one hell of a doctor by then.""And I promise when you come back... I'll put a fucking ring on this finger."×××Sano Shinichiro × Fem Reader

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"Shoot her." A voice I know all too familiar booms. Shaking everything in its wake. "I said shoot her!" Pain sliced through my back."I can't!" I cry out, tears streaming down my face. My hands shake. My body becomes numb to the cold. "Please! I cant." I try to reason, but my voice breaks into sobs halfway though.I lift my eyes from the ground after I hear the solider in front of me make a ticking sound from his mouth. He shakes his finger at me before he makes a signal to the four soldiers on the opposite side of the field. They bring out four human figures with bags over their heads, then force them to the knees. All four soldiers take out their guns and point the barrels at all of the figure's heads."You have five seconds." The soldiers click their guns. "One." I look up to him frantic. "Two." In the corner, I see the four figures squirm. "Three.""Valerie. Val, look at me." The green eyes plead to me from the ground. Unshed tears in her eyes. "It's ok. It's ok." She nods her head, blinking away her tears.On the other side of the field, the bags are ripped off of their heads. The four figures were Deacon, Jess, Ryan, and Anthony. They shake their heads and anxiously scan the scene before them. Their eyes dart to me than the girl on the floor and look of sympathy shoots from them. Deacon, however, looks at me with deep grief."Valerie. Just do it. It's ok. Please just do it for me. Ok?" She tries to smile through her tears, but it was clear she didn't want to die. She just didn't want to lose four members of what she considered her family."Four." The soldier booms out. I throw myself on the solider. Crying, begging, but he pushes me to the ground. I land right in front of her. Green to brown. "Five."

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Connected By Ice [Jelsa]

Jack Frost, the guardian of fun, is told to go help a young princess named Elsa. As she grows older, will their bond grow? Will they someday fall in love? Find out in Connected By Ice.All characters belong to Disney and Dreamworks.

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[TRANSFIC] (Nielwoon) Ha Sungwoon and the Terrible Horrible No Good Very Bad Day

Author: burnintoash (funnymorning) Translator: Kayla Cover & Beta by @fanxynanh Link bản gốc: BẢN DỊCH ĐÃ CÓ SỰ CHO PHÉP CỦA TÁC GIẢ. MANG RA NGOÀI GHI ĐẦY ĐỦ CREDIT (

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Obikaka [BOOK 1]

No description.Don't own this picture.

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Animes Together [ Hold ]

This is a Anime Mashup. This is about how they come together to defeat the enemie. The characters in the story will most likely be the main characters from the anime, but I will had some characters that are not main.I do not own any of these animes. The credit goes to the creaters

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Heart Pierced - Kayla Knowles (1)

#1 in Kayla Knowles (1/8/24, 1/10/24 - 2/19/24, 4/?/24- 5/?/24)#1 in Apollo Cabin (1/10/24 - 2/29/24)#1 in Battle Of The LabyrinthColton Reynolds never really felt that he ever could find anyone that he wanted to win the heart of. Even at Camp Half Blood, there wasn't anyone interesting enough that he was attracted to. When Kayla Knowles, daughter of Apollo, enters the picture.. Colton finds himself understanding the phrase "head over heels" for the first time in his life. Between him and her love though.. are multiple issues, most of all.. a certain god of evil called Kronos. On top of everything else, like Percy Jackson.(Or, an aged up stunning beauty Kayla Knowles comes into Camp Half Blood and gets Colton's heart going like it never has before) (Kayla Knowles x OC)(SoM - TLO) (Mostly Canon)(Rated T because of language)(I don't own Percy Jackson. I only own the OCs)

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