Forever in Your Deadly Heart

Forever in Your Deadly Heart

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Category: Mystery
[COMPLETED] When a handsome hotelier is accused of murder, he has no choice but to rehire the woman he fired after she claims to be a psychic who can prove his innocence.

Handsome, wealthy, and charismatic-- it's hard to believe anyone would leave powerful Knox Marsden at the altar. Two years later, his ex-fiancée is still missing and Knox has moved on. When the women in Knox's life start showing up dead, he's fingered as the number one suspect. With no one on his side, Knox hires self-proclaimed medium, Nessa Cruz, to help prove his innocence.

Jobless and days from being evicted from her apartment, Nessa Cruz is determined to prove she doesn't need her family's money. After being fired on her first day of work, Nessa learns Knox is being accused of murder. To get her job back, she claims to be psychic and gives him an offer he can't refuse--a chance to prove his innocence.

Is someone really trying to frame Knox? Or is Knox hiding a deadly secret of his own?

* Cover made with Canva
* Any similarities to other stories or real life places or people is a coincidence and creepy. This is a work of fiction. Please don't post spoilers. Gracias!

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