Forced to Raise Yanderes for a Living

Forced to Raise Yanderes for a Living

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Category: Romance
After enduring years of pain as a consequence of being confined by my Yandere stepbrother, I was finally freed from my misery by an unfortunate house fire. Since the goddess of the afterlife pitied me she gave me the opportunity to start anew through the means of transmigration.

In short, I must mould each universe's capture targets into model citizens. Seeing as I'll be reborn as a mob character I shouldn't have to worry too much about growing attached to any of these capture targets either. A task like this should be manageable for someone like me who wishes to simply blend into the background.

The quicker I finish my missions, the quicker I'll get to retire to a world with the happy ending I've always wanted. What more could a girl want?

But wait. You're just now telling me that all of the capture targets have the potential to turn into Yanderes too? Not only that, but my stepbrother will be transmigrating into the same worlds as me too???

On second thoughts, I'd rather kiss my happy ending goodbye and stay dead instead!

[Reverse Harem]
[Male Yanderes]
[Original Story]
[Fully Completed]

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