Forced to have the Player's Kid (Book One of The Great Age Plague Series)

Forced to have the Player's Kid (Book One of The Great Age Plague Series)

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Category: Teen Fiction
During the year 2032 a plague hit the world, decimating the adult population. The few survivors now run the schools filled with an influx of orphans. Unfortunately, the populations are dwindling fast and soon human's may become extinct. That's when the Young Adult Baby Law was put into place-- a law forcing child bearing age teens to have a child and raise it together, pairing up high schoolers with the opposite sex.
Meet Adira, a sixteen year old virgin with a desperate love for reading and painting. Adira has spent most of her high school living with her surviving mother and working on getting into one of the three remaining colleges in her state. During the pairing ceremony she is shocked to be paired with the school player, Joshua and now is forced to raise a baby with him. Will Adira learn to love her new husband? Or will she only have herself to rely on?

Sequel out now!

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