Forced to be his wife

Forced to be his wife

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Category: Romance
Tiara is clueless, kind and the type of girl who has feelings. Her mother died when she was ten and now she lives with her father. Two years ago, her brother Jason got married to Sofia and moved to another state.

Travis Anderson is heartless businessman who owns clubs and hotels all around the world. When he discovered that Jason had cheated on his sister Sofia, she committed suicide.

He is out for revenge.

Shock and grief turn to hatred, and the game of revenge begins when he forces Tiara to marry him.

Travis is determined to hold Tiara accountable for her brother Jason's wrongdoing. Tiara is now forced to confront his hate for a crime she did not commit.

Will he turn Tiara's life into a Hell after getting married to her? Or Will he fall in love with her?

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