Forbidden Love

Forbidden Love

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Category: Romance
"Do you love me?" She asked with her devious smile.

"I don't know." I answered quietly.

She walked closer to me causing me to back up. When my back hit the wall, I looked away from her. Her hand lifted my chin, forcing me to look at her.

"Then why do you look at me like you want more hm?" She whispered in my ear sending chills throughout my body.

Seraphine is in an arranged marriage. Sure it upset her, but when she met the guy, she thought maybe she could be happy with him. At least that's what she thought before she met his sister.

(Going through editing process)

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myuddy ff- shawtawt sa brahman mga lodicakes ko 😊- myuddy shipper ako since day 1- si ni-ki ung cover photo kase pogi.- igop ni utot

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