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"we been together on two different coasts and i don't even know your name yet."
"fez. fezco."
"mika. mikaela."

from the skyscrapers in atlanta to the white picket fences of highland, mikaela finds herself way out of her comfort zone when her and her only surviving family is forced to move across country to find safety for a year. in the end, she finds that her small view of what she thinks life is-isn't, and a year isn't enough. the suburbs might just give her more than the city ever did.

rest in paradise conor angus cloud hickey. words can't formulate the loss. you were just getting started. LL.

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loosely based on season 1.

warning: strong language, detailed drug use, discussion of depression, explicit violence (including murder & self-harm), and explicit sexual descriptions (smut). mature content. no trigger warnings per episode.

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