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Nobody's Boy (1878)

Seperated from his foster mother, Remi starts a journey of the roads of France with Signor Vitalis, who travels with three dogs and a monkey.*This story belongs to Hector Malot. I don't own anything.
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As My Eyes Admire Thee

A series of poems about her, admiration of love and passion for that one person.Edit: I got inspiration from other quotes I've seen to include in the poem
Short Novel 2

ប្រភេទប្រលោមលោកខ្លីបែបស្រើបស្រាល🔞 / សុំទោសទុកជាមុនរាស់ពាក្យពេចន៍មិនសមរម្យBL TAEKOOK Jeon Jungkook Top/ Kim Taehyung Bottom អ្នកនិពន្ធ: Riel
Scary Urban Legends

A collection of equally terrifying stories for those readers that are easily scared 😈 My goal is to scare my readers shit lessAlso I just realized not all of these are like urban legends lmao woops(Stories are not mine unless stated, all content is credited from the original owner)#6 ranking in ghosts :o
Ariadne: Almost an Alpha | ✓

Ariadne has always been self-reliant. Four years ago, she became the leader of a small group of rogues, and her group has slowly grown in number. Now, to be better protected, the pack needs to get its official status, meaning it needs approval from the council. That's difficult enough as it is. However, considering her pack's background, her own past, and the fact that she's a female in a world ruled by men, her task is even more complicated. Then, there's the added bonus of her new mate, Mateus, alpha of the region's warriors.Ariadne isn't one to let some bothersome alpha mess with her life, right? Will she let Mateus in and finally learn she can rely on others, or will she turn him away? How many secrets can she keep before it all comes tumbling down?~ Completed ~
No One Saved Me

Original Title:无人救我双Author: 又蓝"Nobody's going to buy me emeralds. Nobody's going to give me babies. Nobody's going to save my life."-Lawrence Block, "Eight Million Ways to Die"I could finally be liberated.***It had been more than a decade since Shi Wen, an alpha who became an omega for the man he loved, had been suffering in the quagmire of the world and his partner's indifference and disgust. As he was dragged into the darkness of death, he dialed his partner's number. "I don't regret it." But all he got in response was the hung-up tone.No one saved him.***Shang Yu indifferently hung up the call. Anyway, he would see him soon after that person's gland removal surgery.He never thought that that would be the last.✓STORY NOT MINE NEITHER THE COVER!✓MTL (MACHINE TRANSLATIONS)

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Blossom | Taehyung

Dziewczyna skrywająca swoje emocje i wrażliwość za ambicją, którą zaciekle goni przez całe swoje życie oraz szczery, czasem do bólu, chłopak lubiący nowe wyzwania. Czy dwa tak skrajne przeciwieństwa będą w stanie przyciągać siebie nawzajem? A może ta odmienność jednak ich poróżni?❀❀❀Moi drodzy,Na wstępie uprzedzę, iż w mojej opowieści zespół BTS nie istnieje, a na potrzeby historii nieco zmieniłam wiek chłopców. Liczę na to, że nie przeszkodzi to potencjalnym czytelnikom.To moje pierwsze fanfiction, tak więc mam nadzieję, że Was nie zawiodę.Rozdziały będą publikowane co niedzielę (lub częściej). ⭐Okładkę wykonała: @MrocznaCisza

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Nobody's Boy (1878)

Seperated from his foster mother, Remi starts a journey of the roads of France with Signor Vitalis, who travels with three dogs and a monkey.*This story belongs to Hector Malot. I don't own anything.

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THiS IS A RILLY SAD STOREY!!!!!!! RICH MAN BYAKUYA BUYS THE MYSTIC MESSENGER APP AND FALLS SWIFTLY IN LOVE WITH JAUUMIN HAJN!! you will CRIE! 😱🙀 ⚠TW!! SAD ⚠(btw these characters dont belong to me credit goes to cheritz and spike chunsoft)

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The Sleeping Prince

The Kingdom of Rusea is in war against a powerful witch and her monster armies. Princess Darlene tries to find a solution to the end the war and stop the witch known Belinda, the Serpent Witch. But she didn't expected her solution to be a skeleton (correction; a walking and talking skeleton) who goes by name Skull. After hearing the story of The Sleeping Prince of Tretus from Skull, Princess Darlene decided to search the sleeping prince and hope he has the answer. But Darlene hasn't only one, Belinda is looking for Tretus as well.What reason does the Sarpent Witch want from Tretus? Is there something interest to her? If so, what?

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GOLDEN GIRL.Elizabeth Miller had always been known to be an introvert ever since she was little, she'd never had many friends, and the only ones she ever had were always just friends from school, nothing else. That was until one day when she stumbled into a pope - who she was on the maths team with...Outer banks {SEASON ONE} OC x ??DISCLAIMER:I do not own any of the plots, storylines, dialogues nor characters from the 'outer banks' universe. However, i do own Elizabeth Miller and her parent's storylines.

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a key in the ash [spanglish]

las palabras que han estado corriendo por mi mente a través de los años.the words that have been running through my mind for years.

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Life at Bondi Beach ~Bondi Rescue fanfic~

Kamri is a Canadian girl who has come to Bondi for a vacation. She is temporarily waiting for friends to arrive, and she gets into a little trouble, and then she meets Maxi... Background knowledge: I started this one night (12:35 midnight) when I couldn't sleep, so some of the chapters may have bad grammar in them, I hope you enjoy!☺

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A Court of Strangling Ivy {ACOTAR}

Pre-ACOTAR:As the last couple years of the curse draw closer, tightening its grip on the Spring Court, more and more sentries are volunteering and losing their lives. This Includes Jacx Floryn, the father of 17-year-old Andras Floryn, who takes on his duties as a sentry after grieving him.Tamlin has known Andras since he was born and has seen him suffer the loss of his mother and now his father. Has seen him only live under Amarantha's curse. As Andras becomes more and more like a little brother to him, stressors rise to nearly unbearable heights. Soon Tamlin is faced with one of the hardest decisions in his life; letting Andras try to help their court, or treating him like a child and allowing fear to rule over hope?

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Rose Thorns « Taekook

Taehyung starts to cough up small white flower petals. Finished💜

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