Flick of a wrist // Assassin Deku AU

Flick of a wrist // Assassin Deku AU

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Deku never makes it into UA. He never gained a quirk. What does he do? A pesky job that barely pays.
So, when one day, a villain attacks and no heroes turn up, but instead 'Hero Killer Stain', what does he do?
Does he go with him, to train in his footsteps? Or does he go back to his overwhelming life?

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The Other Side Of Paradise // tododeku villain!deku AU //

Note : this is actually something i've drafted out a little bit of , and i'll switch between this and TWAALUmore mature with plenty of violence.main songs for this because I can't stop listening to them :saint bernard - lincolnbird song - florence and the machineairplane mode - limbothe other side of paradise -glass animalsbig inspiration from meri chan/ summary /Todoroki is an A+ UA student with problems at home ( a little more intense and talked about than canon ) he gets drawn in by a shorter boy , Villain Deku , a quirkless killer that regrets it once he's done. Midoriya is simply looking for a pkaything , another victim , and when the LOV puts him to the task to rid of the skilled UA kid , he happily oliges , with Toga-like enthusiasm. Toga and Midoriya are a sort of villain pair they use as a sort of act , so when Midoriya falls for the target he has to keep it from the LOV , letting him get away.Izuku's impact on the to-be hero's life tipped his mental stability , drawing him in like Yuki to Yuno. Izuku has no idea what he's doing or his affect , but things get pretty out of hand and risky when a joke goes too far.

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