Flashia In A New World

Flashia In A New World

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Category: Action
The Federal Republic of Flashia had been living their day like the other day, when suddenly they found themselves under an alien skies.

Reborn from the ashes of a bloody series of wars, this Federal Republic would have to face the new challenges that came with the abrupt transfer as they would try to adapt to their new, current situation.

"It sounds like it comes from a conspiracy, I know, but trust me, it is all real, nothing is made up here" - President Simon Thomasen


While this is indeed similar to Nihonkoku Shoukan, I decided to do some originality and put my own fictional countries (including Flashia) in there because why the fk not?

May contain disturbing content such as rape and gore. If you are not comfortable with the following content, I suggest you click off this work of mine for your own good

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