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First & Only

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Not everybody is meant for this love shit.

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The Hybrid | Bts Ot7 fanfic (Unedited)

What happens when a chain of random events leads a hybrid to the biggest mafia group in the world. What if the feline falls in love with not one, but all seven of them? Will they think of her more than a mere pet? Or will she return to her life on the streets?
Beyblade Metal Fusion! Season 1

This is the 1st Season of Beyblade Metal! This is a start of how it all began with two male bladers who are two Pegasus Users who wanted to become Stronger and become the best bladers in the world as they faced many obstacles, other strong bladers/rivals, etc.

All I ever wanted

"I know we broke up, but.., " he whispers in my ear, trailing his finger lightly along my arm. He places a soft kiss on my collarbone, making a shiver course through me. He tilts his head so he's staring straight into my eyes. His pupils dilate as he gazes at my face, stroking my cheeks slightly with his thumb. "I just can't seem to give you up." And with that, he crashes his lips onto mine. ~~~After her boyfriend cheats on her with her best friend and disappears from town without an explanation, Dove Kelch loses all hope in love and fairytales. Two years later, she plans to go through the senior year unscathed, but everything changes when her ex returns to town in the grandest way ever. Insert the arrival of a new exchange student who falls for Dove and threatens to break down her walls, being everything her ex wasn't.But as they say- your first love is always the hardest. Now Dove is stuck between her cold-hearted first love and the new guy who treats her like a queen. As feelings unravel and secrets unveil, Dove gets to learn that the devil you know might be better than the angel you don't know. And how quickly can love change to obsession? Throw in the funniest classmates, late-night drives, crazy parties, and get ready for this roller coaster of drama.Warning: contains mature scenes.

These characters are not mine! They belong to kaaatie on YouTube Fundamental paper education fandom!!Started: 4-11-2024
Revengeful Love

"Now, are you ready to marry me?" he asked in his stern voice." P-please I don-don't want t-to m-marry. P-please lea-leave me. I want to go h-home." I begged.After listening my reply, his eyes became dark instantly and fury enveloped him.He fisted my hair and pulled it with such a great force that a sharp cry resonated in a room, only that cry came from me. " P-please lea-leave, its hurt-hurting." I said with fear lacing in my eyes in between my heavy breaths and sobs."You girl !! I was going so much easy on you, but you dared to defy me again and again. Firstly, at our first meeting in your house and then you ran away on the day of our wedding, clearly defying me showing you got some guts. Even then I showed some mercy on you last night but not now. I have to do something that you dared not to defy me ever AGAIN." He shouted in the last, making me flinched and now, I am having no idea what he is intended to do with me._______________________Ayat, age 20, didn't realised when her life turned out from bad to worst until a person with a mask of a devil entered her life. She was innocent, pure, timid, submissive, obedient and moreover a loving and kind hearted girl. But her life becomes a hell when she became a target of a revenge by the devil.Rehman, a rich business man with a devilish aura entered Ayat's life with one aim to ruin her life. With a manipulative and calculative mind, and temptation of a revenge coursing in his veins, he was hell bent to ruin that girl's life who became a sole reason of his misery at one time of his life. And what more be better than to cage her forever in his prison in a name of marriage?A marriage happened forcefully.But does revenge only all about mattered in his life? Would love ever bloom between them? Or a hatred burning in his heart would be enough to ruin the chance of bright future he could have with a kind hearted sweet Ayat?WARNING:- This story is going to be dark. Abusive content. Be aware..!!
Stealing the Groom

Eleanor "Elle" is fun and outgoing. She's a talented young girl full of dreams and life...which makes her the exact opposite of what her stuck-up snobby family wants her to be.Although Elle's been "disowned" for leaving behind the Mercer family name and fortune to pursue her dreams in Florence, Italy, her older sister decides to invite her to her wedding. Reluctantly, Elle agrees to be the M.O.H (Maid of Honor) and travels back to the States three weeks before the wedding. What Elle finds there shocks her and takes her on a whirlwind adventure; the groom and future husband of the ever perfect Simone Mercer is an old flame of hers that's best left extinguished. Will this trip serve as a means of closure for both, or will Elle end up Stealing the Groom?*The Wedding Party Series Book I*

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Aphmau Shit [OLD, DON'T READ]

These will be cringy!! These will suck!! I don't advise you to read them!! This book exists for me to drop one shots I make in the dead of night when I'm tired and want some shipping cocaine-Please don't read this. It literally only exists in case something happens to the original copies of the stories so I don't lose them :/ Ughhhh here we go!EDIT: THESE ARE MY OLDEST APHMAU FICS I HAVE POSTED IM SO SORRY FOR ANYONE WHO READS THIS-- Nickolas Jade

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Love or death candy pop x reader

Your a 16 year old and you have been live with the creepypasta Masion for over 1 year want more read on.

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Truly madly fall in love with you

Even though Shinoy and Vaini were childhood pals, it wasn't love at first sight. If you're thinking that this is a typical love story, then you're absolutely wrong. Shinoy and Vaini are two different people with different ways of thinking. Can two opposites be happy together?"

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Grandeur Fantasia

First book of Grandeur Fantasia.Second book is Grandeur Fantasia 2.Leon Rivelia, the heir to the largest conglomerate company in the world, was suddenly transported to a fantasy world. The previous world he lived in, the business world, is a place where nothing could be trusted. Everyone lies to fulfill their desires. Utter sweet, sweet words to others to lower their guards and stab them without hesitation to gain profit. It was natural for them. The beings called humans. That's why ignorance was indeed a bliss. That way, one wouldn't see the ugliness of human's greed. However, that was not the case with Leon. Born with the talent to see through lies and the ugliness of human's thoughts and feelings, he lost the ability to trust in others. In this new fantasy world which was similar to a game he played, he would meet people he could call his friends, fall in love, and find the meaning of trust as Leon Misteltein.~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~If you enjoy my story, please come support me in my Patreon!!!

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CDS 2 Answer Key 2023 - Download CDS 2/2023 Answer Key [ All Sets ]

UPSC will release the CDS 2 Answer Key 2023 for Maths, English & GK for all sets on Sep'23! MKC will provide the fastest solutions on its official website.

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Raven's Hollow: New Era (WIP)(Warrior Cats Fanfic)

Raven's Hollow is yet another Warrior Cats fan fiction. The story idea is based around Erin Hunter's stories, but the clans, world, and even some of the roles within the clans are unique. Raven's Hollow: New Era, follows the story of Nightraven, a young she-cat, as she faces the difference that clan life presents. Especially when it is rebuilding from nothing more than tales and dreams left from a bygone era and a bunch of long dead cats.

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The Runaway Wolf

Amethyst has been captured when she was 13. Kidnapped and enslaved from her own pack. Unable to successfully escape, she gave up for a while. But once she heard fascinating rumors from her guards, she made a fool proof plan, and was able to escape.But if only it was that easy. She might've escaped harmless, but wait until she meets her mate. He plans on rejecting her, the second he meets her, until....

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Mi pequeño GRAN amor de verano. | Kevsho

¿Cuántas veces soñamos con tener nuestro amor de verano? ¿Cuántas veces leímos sobre uno en los libros? ¿Realmente para nosotros es uno posible?La vida de Julieta gira entorno a un chico que conoce en sus rutinarias vacaciones en Mar del Plata, aquellas que ya le estaban empezando a aburrir, tomaron sentido gracias a él, a su sonrisa, a sus chistes... pero todo se vuelve oscuro cuando se tienen que separar. ¿Habrá algo que acorte las distancias entre ellos para que todo cambie para siempre?

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Siren Sea

Eden, a sailor from Naples, Italy, takes the initiative to defend the Tyrrhenian Sea from sirens. The populations of them have risen, and so have disappearances linked to them. During a close encounter with a siren on a dangerously stormy night, Eden discovers he is immune to its song, but with this, another realization conflicts him. What will Eden do with this newfound power, and how will he overcome his new personal battles?

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