Fire and Ice (MK9 - MK11)

Fire and Ice (MK9 - MK11)

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This Story Involves my oc, Lew Liang, son of Sub-Zero

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Reina Clementine Romano the youngest Romano of the Sicilian mafia and course the most badass. A successful CEO of the Romano's hotel in the day; but at the night she hides under the name The Black Hunter. A professional crazy criminal with talents in every corner of the underground world. The best shooter, body hunter, assassin, fighter, and practically anything you can name. Jax Phoenix Martinez the ruthless and bloody American Mafia boss. Feared by many cops and criminals. He loves seeing his enemies suffer so tortures him for days on end; nonstop. An absolute psycho! He simply doesn't give one damn towards anyone so say the wrong things to him and the rest of your life is not promised. Both are feared and talented in what they do; both love seeing their enemies on their knees begging for mercy; both are beyond the word crazy. What happens when they cross paths? Will the demons rise while the angel falls or will they be intertwined by fate and fate alone?1 in #badgirl1 in #criminals1 in #badass1 in #crime1 in #assassin3 in #mafia1 in #guns8 in #teenfiction

It's the story of some angels and devils who reborn again not only to fullfill their revenge but also......[hi everyone this is my first time writing any story/fiction. It's a BL story of BTS members. It's only depends on my imagination.But believe me so many of you will like the story. It has a lot of mystery past life, reincarnation, spiritual powers etc.] None of BTS members has anythig to with it.THE CARACTERS IN THIS STORY ARE:#Yoonmin #taekook #Namjin ft.Kaihope. I hope you guys will enjoy it.
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I could feel its presence from behind me. I tried walking faster, but I could feel it slowly pacing near me.I turned around, expecting a dark, hideous vampire standing behind me, but to my surprise, there was none. I turn back around to start going back to the pack house where it's safe but I realise, he's right in front of me. My breath catches in my throat as I let out a gasp. "Never seen something so beautiful, I see?" He taunts. "Make one sound and I'll bite you right here, right now." ════ *.·:·. ☽ ✧ ✦ ✧ ☾ .·:·.* ════Phoebe Wolf, a gorgeous werewolf and daughter of the Alpha. She could make men fall in love with her in a second with her beauty but despite her charming looks and sweet personality, her family neglected her. Her parents died later on in an attack near the borders of the werewolf clan and the vampire coven, leaving her older brother to take over the werewolf pack as alpha. Phoebe was abandoned in the castle, never to be seen again by any other wolf. But little did they know, Phoebe's mate was still out there. He was somewhere, waiting for her too. But there's one thing stopping them from meeting. The borders.//Story by @barbziecultStarted 20.6.2020Ended 24.8.2020(First book in trilogy)
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Tr Boys x Top/switch(mostly bottom) male reader Scenarios, Oneshots And Ships!!

Tokyo revengers x bottom/top/switch male reader! Because I never found any bottom ones... But I'm writing scenarios of bottom male reader. Now I changed few rules so you can request top/switch/bottom male reader and have fun!!You can request oneshots or scenarios of your favorite tokyo revengers characters and ships! Don't be shy! I'd love to make your ideas come true! Ships and anything you want! But not incest... Anyways enjoy!Requests are still open!!
His Gifted Luna

My name is Gemma and I'm the white wolf.My life has been really, really shitty. At 3, the pack I stayed at was attacked, I lost my mother, was kidnapped and abused by some people. They asked me to reveal the identity of the white wolf. I was only 3 for goddess' sake! How was I supposed to know? After I was deemed useless to their search, I became their maid. I lost 12 years, 12 freaking years, to these people but I escaped. I had planned it for a long time and managed to get from America to England. I met my mate there. Alpha Conner Hughes. I love him. He helped me figure myself out and taught me of gifted wolves.I'm a gifted wolf, scratch that, His Gifted Luna.Everything was quiet for four years, four beautiful years, until fate just decided to fuck with me and send me back to my old pack to deal with hunters. Secrets will be revealed, hardships will be overcome and hearts will be broken. I just hope i can get through it all with Conner by my side.#1 in gifts#1 in secondchancemate#4 in conner#1 in newfamily

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Li Daiyu, a young girl from the once prominent Yushan Li clan was the receiver of the consequences from her parents'' heinous actions. A curse was cast upon her, leaving an unholy spiritual weapon bound to her golden core. Daiyu didn't mind living with such a dark curse as long as her brother, Li Chenyu, was always by her side. However, a change of events happens when Daiyu finds out that her dearest brother will soon become her merciless enemy. Outcasted and hopeless, Daiyu runs away and encounters a young slave boy along with the hot-tempered Jiang Wanyin. Desperate to escape a fate like Wei Wuxian's, Li Daiyu casts away her identity and becomes Jiang Wanyin's Knight. Modaozushi/grandmaster of demonic cultivation belongs to Moxiang Tongxiu.Previous named: The legend of Li Daiyu.Started: 01/18/2019Ended-

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"I'm agreeing your offer." Nina said with a flat voice."I'm agreeing. Whatever you want." after when she said there was a long silence lasted for a minute but felt like forever and then he came strolling front of her. He took the pencil that tied her hair. And he said with a menacing voice:"Whatever I want." he said " But I have no passion to help you Nina Kennedy." he said her last name and continued "What are you?" her stomach dropped."Why would I help the woman who made baby with my rival?" he gave Nina death glare and continued "I would never." then he broke the pencil in half. The sound of pencil breaking was ringing in Nina's head so loud. She just closed her eyes. She wanted him to know that Denice was his daughter. Kaden's biological daughter not Ethan monster's...Kaden the guy who is from a poor home but has a smart head after 5 years of torture at mine, there was a big accident. By miracle he saved eveyone and became the CEO of the Company. And he'll return to New York City to take his revenge. Nina is the woman who is beautiful, talented, rich. But by saving her brother and family, she fell into the nightmare of Ethan's trap. There's a big chain on her neck. Could the man she is in love with take off her chain?

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Bentolit Bewertungen : Das ist wirklich unser Schicksal. Es ist nur eine Augenweide. Wie mache ich das? Dies sind meine auffallend klaren Worte in Bezug auf Permanent Weight Loss. Ich muss wirklich verpflichtet sein, Fatburner zu schätzen. Ohne über den Grund zu diskutieren, fragte ich auch Amateure, was Fatburner angeht. Bentolit Dies ist zum Kotzen, aber Sie müssen für Weight Loss Diet Tips bezahlen. Das ist ausfallsicher. Es ist beeindruckend. Es sollte Sie größtenteils auf den neuesten Stand bringen. Es ist eingängig und neigt dazu, in Ihrem Gehirn zu stecken. Dies kann den Genuss von Abnehmen reduzieren.

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a short story i wrote for my english class lolbillie eilish x fem ocbased off of australian film "my first summer"top ranks:#4 in billieoconnell - 7/19/22

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Words Hurt (Read Description)

What if verbal abuse hurt; left scars, bruises, and cuts just like physical abuse? Well then i'd be all scarred up with words like, Faggot, Freak, Stupid, Monster, etc. It wasn't always this way, we used to just be able to say things without fear of it harming people; free speech. But it all changed when a team of scientist created a way to physically harm someone the same way you verbally harm someone; by a nanobyte released into the water supply all around the world. At first people watched what they said, but then after a while, people got used to seeing the words scarred across our skin. My story starts my freshman year of highschool about a week before Homecoming, the day I came out of the closet.

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This is my first and possibly last story, so enjoy.--------------------------She was led into this life, with no one in her life to stop her. This life has many aspects that would make someone rethink ever agreeing to such a proposal. But life becomes dull after a while, which leads to the next assignment. Find and recruit Mathew Jones.Life is simple out here, helping his grandfather at the library, Mathew has a simple life. But he never thought a simple threat could change his life.---------------------Excerpt:'she was walking home from work. It was late and she didn't feel quite safe walking home at this time of night. She wasn't one to show fear, so she put her bravest face on and continued on her walk.Noises filed her ears; of the wind softly going through the air, the soft pitter patter of the squirrels on they're nightly hunt. Everything was going as usual until the faint sound of dried leaves cracking filled the air. She wasn't much for speed , but all the warnings from her parents had taught her enough that she knew to start speeding up. The chase went on for a minute before the predator decided to end this little game of cat and mouse. Before she could keep her ground and attack, she felt this sharp pain in her neck, and her vision started to darken. '------------------Read at your risk, not edited.find me @flashfan1 on twitter.

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𝔹𝕖𝕪𝕓𝕝𝕒𝕕𝕖 𝕓𝕦𝕣𝕤𝕥 𝕩 𝕣𝕖𝕒𝕕𝕖𝕣 (ℝ𝕖𝕢𝕦𝕖𝕤𝕥𝕤 𝕠𝕡𝕖𝕟!)

If you have an idea you guys would like to publish, please msg me or pm me and I will add it to this!I will try my best! Requests are open, and you can DM me on discord (XxAkaxX#0788). I do not do OCs, Headcannons, Fluff, Smut, Character x character, avatar x reader/character, etc. If you want a specific story, please comment your character, and story line. All stories will take 2-4 weeks for publishing.

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