Fire And Flames (Under major Editing)

Fire And Flames (Under major Editing)

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Category: Romance
Written when I was 16, practically cringy and dumb so read at your own risk
(Part 1)

He stood there in his tall and intimidating glory cowering my 5'4" frame. If it was any other situation I would openly gawk at the Adonis standing in front of me, He's one hot piece of specimen.

I back away quickly when I realised I spilled my coffee on him " I.. I'm so.. s.. sorry" I squeaked. Shit what happened to my voice.

His glare hardened as he clenched his jaw making it look sharp. He's got looks but this isn't the right time to admire a guy who would snap at me any moment.

"Your sorry won't bring back my shirt! Do you even have any idea how expensive this shirt is? You wouldn't be able to pay it even if you work for a year!" He yelled arrogantly making me flinch slightly, damn where's your volume button dude?
(read the longer excerpt inside)

She was kind and Strong-willed. Her desire was to become a pastry chef but someone seemed to block her path.

He was hot headed and the most cold hearted man to ever walk on earth. A Mega control freak who want's everything to be done his way. Feelings were unknown to him and he never cares about anyone but him.

She was the first to bruise his sky high ego. However, he's not a person to forgive someone easily, he was keen on making her suffer and she was adamant about making him regret messing with her.

She is Athena Walker, eldest daughter of Antony Walker a famous businessman.

He is Zephyr King, the CEO of Kings corporation.

This was going to be a battle between Fire and Flames but little did he know this ball of fire will be the one setting his heart on flames.

{WORD COUNT: 90,000 to 110,000 words}

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