Finding Abel

Finding Abel

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Category: Romance
*Set in Season 4* At the end of season two, Abel Teller is kidnapped by a very vengeful Cameron Hayes. Cameron, in belief that Gemma Teller killed his son, took the child to Ireland where he was then put up for adoption by Father Ashby. This sent Jax and the sons on a wild goose chase in Ireland hoping to retrieve Jax's son. Abel was adopted quickly by a wealthy family, making Jax question if he was really a fit guardian for his son. However, his feelings changed when the notorious gangster Jimmy O killed Abel's adoptive family and kidnapped Abel. While bargaining for the baby's life father Ashby offered up himself as a sacrifice to return Abel to Jax. But in true gangster fashion, Jimmy went back on his word and shipped Abel out of Ireland as his last attempt at hurting the sons. His plan worked and forced Samcro back to Charming where they would serve their time in Stockton for fourteen months. After their release, Jax vows to become a better man for his new life with Tara and welcome his new son Thomas. However, everything changes when Abel makes his reappearance with his new family, stunning everyone and forcing his old one to fight for him.

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