Find Your Anchor - Part 1

Find Your Anchor - Part 1

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15 months after Stiles Stilinski, the boy who runs with the wolves disappeared without a trace.
13 months since WICKED supposedly ended.
1 year since they were happy on the Safe Haven.
Now their happiness and comfort is being shattered. By the 'FBI', who is claiming themselves as the 'hero' who is saving the New Gladers.

Scott and his pack is not much worried their lost friend, Stiles Stilinski. They had eventually found a new human, Mason Hewitt, for the pack. The pack isn't exactly going along with all of them, but there wouldn't be a difference even if Stiles was here, wouldn't it? Plus, everyone believed that Stiles was, in fact, dead. Even if Lydia Martin, the banshee who predicts the dead, haven't screamed for him. It was obvious that the weak, defenceless human couldn't survive out in this tough world! But for a certain girl, it was not obvious. She still had hope. She reached out, calling his name, never getting the answer back.
Thomas and his friends finally passed the test which WICKED had given them. Newt, Minho, Fry, Brenda, Jorge, Aris, Sonya, and Harriet were alive, even though Teresa didn't made it. But Thomas was being weird. He began screaming in middle of the night, sweating. He began to have nightmares, no he couldn't even figiure out if it's a dream. And he's having a strange memories. Killing people. Killing his friends. And werewolves.
Then the Gladers move into some town, called Beacon Hills. They never knew how much it would bring. How much it would take.
Then a new student arrived. Called Theo Raeken.
They never knew, that the girl who was so important to the Asian Kitsune, was alive. And that she was not herself anymore.
They never knew, that the 'supposedley ended' organization was still alive and well, bloodthirsty for revenge.
They never knew, that the new student would bring Chaos. Chaos that has once came upon them, killing them, suffocating them.
They never knew how much it would bring. How much it would take.

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