Find True Love (Completed)

Find True Love (Completed)

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Dune: House Harkonnen's Reign

In this screenplay fanfic, house harkonnen's scenes from both movies will be extended and there will be more about their lore, giedi prime and also new action and lore scenes. Also this book will basically just be about the harkonnens and their perspective during the first movie and especially second movie. The addition and extension of some scenes in the book are just based from my imagination. Still contemplating if i should spare the harkonnens so I can make a Messiah fanfic of them in it.

A bunch of Atlanta shit A lil Chicago shitSome hoodrat shitA lil drug shit A little bit of love in this bitch , but most importantly a good ass read.Kiyari "Kash" a badass female who don't go for bullshit encounters Nahzir "Draco" someone who acts just like her. What happens when the two clash together and shit hits the fan?
The Duke's Prize

The Duke of Marlborough, a wealthy rake with the reputation of the Devil, wins an unusual prize in a game of cards, the prickly and thorny Cordelia Rivers.
One For The Road

"Oh my god, this Corvette is so fucking sexy." I ran my hand along the peeling red paint. It wasn't in the best condition, but a Corvette was a Corvette. "Can I drive it?""There's no engine. We used it for parts," Drake said.My heart sank into my stomach, and I let out a wheeze. "You what?""We were running low on funds, so we did what we had to do," Josiah said. "It never meant anything to us anyway."What the fuck?"How the hell can you call yourselves a racing team if you're willing to do that to one of the best-looking cars ever made?" I shook my head. "It's disgusting.""What? Racing?" Drake's mouth fell open. "Oh my god, no. We wanted a driver."I looked over at Josiah, then Drake. "I drive cars for a living, therefore I'm a driver. What's the confusion?""You said you drove for RTR," Josiah said.I nodded. "Yeah, Roger Truscott Racing.""Oh no. Oh my god. Look, in our line of work, that means Real Time Robotics," Drake said."Robotics? What the fuck is going on?" I asked."You wouldn't happen to know much about combat robotics, would you?" Drake forced a smile, and it wasn't difficult to see the hope leave his eyes.***Katie Moore is a controversial figure in the car racing world with several strikes against her. One, she is a female. Two, she is a female with opinions. And three, she is a female with opinions who thoroughly enjoys sharing them with no inhibition. A one-track mind (with a few side streets), all she wants is to win a race to shut everyone up about her mistakes and misfortunes.But when she's down on her luck, a team of nerds finds their way into her life, giving her an offer that she probably should refuse.
 bodyguard and baby boss

α€‘α€›α€™α€Ία€Έα€›α€­α€―α€„α€Ία€Έα€•α€«α€α€šα€Ί 18α€šα€±α€¬α€€α€Ία€…α€―α€–α€€α€Ία€•α€« α€α€­α€―α€·α€…α€¬α€α€½α€±α€™α€–α€€α€Ία€œα€² α€α€€α€Ία€α€²α€·α€€α€œα€±α€Έα€€ α€α€€α€Ία€•α€«α€α€šα€Ί α€‘α€α€―α€šα€°α€…α€›α€¬α€™α€Ÿα€―α€€α€Ήα€˜α€°α€Έ α€‘α€¬α€žα€¬α€•α€Όα€±α€…α€›α€¬α€•α€«
The Percy Jackson

What if Percy kept his promise to Nico, but died in the process?What if Luke never turned evil?What if Thalia didn't join the Hunters?The Percy Jackson "What if?" book is made up of different scenarios of what could have happened. It is like a One Shot book, but I take requests. Unless it is marked specifically not, you can take the idea, or the start of the book.COVER ART NOT BY ME. FULL CREDIT TO THE OWNER/DRAWER!
New Girl In The House

Being married and being in love are two totally different things. Just because two people are married to each other does not specifically mean they are in love with each other too.As love is not the only reason for which two people get married. Sometimes situations play an important role in changing your life forever. Noor and Zeeshan didn't have any other choice but to get married to save.........Marriage is not easy and when you dislike your partner it becomes even more difficult.Noor and Zeeshan are married to each other but are they in love too? What was the reason they got married for? Will they work on their marriage? Most importantly will they ever fall in love?Turn the pages to know.New girl in the house - 3rd book in New girl series.
The feared Crimson King

I flinch as his hand reaches to my face, and aggressively pulls down the cloak from my head. He surveys my tear stained face and jewelry all the way down to my dress. Then he speaks, "what's your name?" I open my mouth but no words come out. Fear grips me again. "I believe I asked you a question," his eyes grow darker. "Al-Alice" I whisper. His eyes wander outside to the window. "You will address me as 'your highness' and I do not tolerate mistakes. I will punish you and you will never forget to follow my orders. Do I make myself clear?"--------------------In this world everybody has a soulmate. Two people that are meant to be together for the rest of their lives. Finding them isn't as hard as you'd think, since every two people that belong together have the same tattoo somewhere on their body. It is something you're born with, something that's meant to be. There is no doubt that these two people no matter the status or finances, belong together. Some grow up knowing their future soulmate, some find them later in life, but in the end they always belong together. Marrying someone, who isn't you soulmate is punishable here in my family's kingdom Lyria. My father always believed in the bond. But what if the bond isn't meant to be after all.Or could it be true that my soulmate is no other than darkness himself. That he's the heartless king our country is currently at war with. The one that leaves not even woman and children alive....Ranks✨#2 forced ~02.07.20#2 heartless ~07.07.20#91 fear ~09.07.20#1 castle ~10.07.20#1 obsession ~12.07.20#1 royalty ~ 02.08.20#1 hatelove ~02.08.20#1 cruel ~02.08.20#1 hate ~ 03.08.20#1 princess ~ 10.08.20#1 king ~ 26.11.20#3 midieval ~ 22.12.20#1 evil ~ 20.02.21CAUTION This book contains violence and gore along with cursing. Also if you're triggered by domestic violence DONT READ THIS BOOK. Thanks.

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Jonathan es un chico que por razones familiares viaja de Estados Unidos al paΓ­s natal de sus padres: MΓ©xico.En un nuevo instituto conoce a una chica cuyo historial no es muy limpio ni tan perfecto, esto lo conlleva a convivir con ella y conocerla mejor haciendo que le llame mΓ‘s su atenciΓ³n.

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Mha Oneshots | Ft. Y/n

Reader will be in almost all of the oneshots, but will not always be the main character, and will sometimes be only mentioned once.I will possibly take requests, I do not do smut.I will write whenever I have determination to

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The Choice Of Fate || The Promised Neverland

"This child does not fear death, nor even the thought of it. She sees beauty, the good in the evil before her. She does not see us as a threat; I don't think she ever did. She does not fear evil. She deserves life. She deserves freedom, Isabella. Let her remain with the heathens. Actually, if I could, I would much rather keep her with me. But I'm sure my sister wouldn't want that. However..."Her death will not fall in our empire's hands. She is safe. I will make sure of it."82194: SistineSistine found out the secret of the House at a very young age, but she never did anything against it. Yes, she sees evil in the act of killing, but she holds no anger towards those who commit the act.That's what caused her to obtain freedom, and to become Isabella's spy.However, one day, she sees her friends resisting, struggling to escape the House. She knows that they will bring her too, because Emma, one of the eldest children, plans to escape with everyone. Because of this, she begins to question what the best course of action is.Will Sistine report everything to Isabella and corner her siblings? Will she help Emma and manipulate her mother? Will she let her siblings escape their fate and leave their so-called home?Just what exactly will she do?("This is just a little something to ease my mind" -TrebleRZN)Started: July 24, 2019Completed: June 18, 2020Cover by: Tenshi_Shinzo (I love this person pls follow ;w;)Yakusoku no Neverland is not mine in any form. Credits are going to Kaiu Shirai and Posuka Demizu.WARNING: This book will be following the manga. Read at your own risk. All spoilers to the manga (that aren't mentioned yet in the story) will be deleted for the sake of the non-manga readers.Best Achievements:#1 in thepromisedneverland#1 in promisedneverland#5 in yakusokunoneverland#1 in tpn#8 in promise#71 in story#29 in neverland#15 in short chapters#170 in short story#8 in fictionalcharacters#516 in fiction

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I have loved you since I was 13...

Shinobu Kocho and Giyuu Tomioka are childhood friends, best friends, close buddies, and whatever you call them. However, unknowingly to Shinobu, Giyuu has been looking at her as more than a friend ever since he was 13. This would've been fine, if they didn't have 3 years of age gap between them, and if Giyuu wasn't assigned to be the homeroom and P.E teacher of 3rd year highschool Shinobu Kocho. Yet, no matter how hard he tried, he still can't shake the feelings he has for her. What could possibly happen between them? Will Shinobu ever see him as something more than her best friend? Or will Giyuu Tomioka forever drown in this unrequited love?the characters are not mine, they are owned by the author of Kimetsu no Yaiba, Koyouharu Gotouge. I only own the story. This is a modern au so events from the canon anime will not happen here. The cover photo and every picture used in this story is not my possession. Credits to the rightful owner.

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Mha x Male reader

Making the guys fall in love with you and making the girls jealous of you.

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НС ΠΌΠΎΠ΅ сайт Π³Π΄Π΅ Π±Ρ€Π°Π»Π° Π½Π΅ помню.

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The Golden Knot: Book 1 of the Echo Land Chronicles (UPDATED WEEKLY)

After the murder of his father, Jonas Greywater is saved by the mysterious vagabond, Sam. Implicated in the murder, Sam helps Jonas evade the law but in doing so thrusts him into the mysterious world of Heggary. Relentlessly, pursued by Captain Phanna, Jonas embarks on an adventure of discovery where he learns he holds a strand of the ethereal Golden Knot, the source of Hegomantic power, a power that Crown Prince Aze'mar yearns for.Driven by his despotic quest to reunite the Golden Knot, Aze'mar murders his father and the Watchers - the guardians of the four realms of the continent, creating a political vacuum. In response, his adopted brother, Laza'mar, rejects Aze'mar as ruler. Out of fear that Laza'mar could set himself up as a rival to the throne, Aze'mar sends assassins to eliminate Laza'mar, only for Laza'mar to escape, setting him on a quest for survival and then reap bloody revenge. However, Aze'mar's brashness and Machiavellian nature will not go unpunished, triggering the heirs of the Watchers to declare civil war on the Crown itself. But time is running out! In murdering his father, Aze'mar has claimed four of the five strands of power, though whether he can keep them in check remains to be seen.If the political machinations of A SONG OF ICE AND FIRE married the beautifully grotesque characters of THE FIRST LAW TRILOGY while having a scandalous affair with the epic nature of STORMLIGHT ARCHIVES, their bastard child would be - THE GOLDEN KNOT.

612 15 32