Fighting Fate

Fighting Fate

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Category: Werewolf
Sequel to First Shift

Kye has agreed to accept Azarais as her mate and Andrea has agreed to mate with the Sigma of the Bloodthorne pack. Kye's heart is in pieces and she has no one to turn to. She is distancing herself form the pack but refuses to accept the coven. Leaving her alone and alone is something no werewolf is meant to be.

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DISCLAIMER! Idk if I'm actually good at poetry sooo 🐿️Poetry Book!
Reborn as a Snake! (1.) [COMPLETED]

I was walking back home one night from work, when I unexpectedly got caught in the crossfire of a bank robbery - which results in my death.As life slowly left my body, I thought about my life and how it was like a rocky rollercoaster. Then I sort of laughed at how crazy it would be if I got reincarnated in another world - just like all those isekai novels and anime.To my surprise, I did get reincarnated into another world - however, seems like I am not as lucky as all those isekai protagonists, as it turns out, that I was reincarnated as a... snake. A snake!?Out of everything, a snake?!How does this help anybody?!Well, I guess all that matters now is to not die too fast.(I do not own the art in the cover and claim no ownership over it. The only thing I own is the story.)Impressive Rankings:#1 In Evolving - November 30th, 2023#2 In Anime - December 7th, 2023#1 In Evolution - December 9th, 2023#3 In Evolve - December 31st, 2023#10 In Monsters - January 5th, 2024#1 In Magic - January 9th, 2024#1 In Reincarnated - January 9th, 2024#3 In Magic - January 18th, 2024#16 In Magic - February 7th, 2024#7 In Dragons - February 15th, 2024#1 In Evolution - March 12th, 2024#1 In Evolving - March 12th, 2024#1 In Overpowered - March 20th, 2024#1 In Anime - April 14th, 2024Story by: SimplyUnst4bleArt in the Cover: Google Images Wallpaper
Taming the Familiar

Much to her daughter's dismay, Alexa's mother has fallen in love with the idea of moving into a new house. To make matters worse, this particular building belonged to none other than her very own eccentric uncle that had recently passed away. The property was left in a state of chaos after he'd left, meaning the task of sorting through his possessions and cleaning the place up was left to them. Follow Alexa on a journey of discovery, learning about both herself and the black sheep of the family who used to own the house. It's one thing uncovering the disgusting hobbies her late uncle kept (a mixture of taxidermy, dissection, and ancient methods of torture), but when a series of mishaps leads to her inheriting something from the man she never could have dreamed up, it's up to her to make sense of the crazy situation.
It started with you

"What's so bad about me? Why do you hate me so much!"I yell at him through my tears and his body stiffens. He slowly turns around and walks towards me. The pain in his eyes run as deep as mine and for some reason I pity him."You have no right to be crying right now! You are so fucking heartless! you don't even know why I hate you? Isn't it obvious? God you're so stupid Baylor! I fucking hate you!" He yells the last part as his hands clench into fist slamming against the wall above my head and I thought for sure he was going to hit me. "Whatever I did that was so bad I'm sorry! Asher I am so sorry!" I cry and his eyebrows furrow together as he stares at me confused. Then he does something I've never seen him do; he cries.-Baylor Campbell- sensitive, puts way too much guilt on herself, and is constantly haunted by what happened to her two months ago. Asher hill- despises Baylor with everything he has. But bay doesn't know why. Also best friends with Baylors brother, Cameron. So when cam offers their extra room to Asher, things get heated between him and Baylor. And fast. Secrets are told, hearts are ripped out, and an unlikely friendship might make a slight peek through all their hatred.-Highest ranking; #1 in contest!#1 in First Love#1 in Badboy#2 in teen fiction-NEEDS SERIOUS EDITING!
Stuck in a trauma bond

Many people don't express their heartbreak openly as they don't like to appear vulnerable in the eyes of others. For them, notepad has become a safe space to vent emotions they may not feel comfortable sharing with friends or family. Yes, this book is indeed a notepad compilation of a woman who got stuck in a trauma bond!It shows the journey of unraveling toxic love, navigating emotional turmoil and healing from trauma. Author's note: Pictures in this book don't belong to me; I got them from Pinterest. Credit goes to the respective rightful owner.
Leyendo: Naruto kitsune:divino dxd

Que pasara cuando ciertos personajes se enteren de las aventuras de sus contra-partes ademas de los cambios en algunos hechos de sus vidas contados mediante un libro
නූබී.. ( BL )

නොනවත්වා එන මුහුදු හුලග නිසා නලලට වැටිලා තියෙන කොන්ඩෙ එක අතකින් පිටිපස්සට කරලා එයා මන් දිහා බැලුවා." බෝනික්කියො වගේ කෙල්ලො අතරේ මන් දැක්කේ උබේ ඔය පිරිමි රූපෙ විතරයි කිව්වොත් විශ්වාස කරනවද.." එයා මගේ දිග ඇහි පිහාටු දිගෙ එයාගෙ ලොකු ඇගිල්ලක් අරන් ගියා. " උබේ ආදරේ හරි තිත්තයි නුබී.." එයා ඔහේ කියවනවා. සමහර වෙලාවට එයාගෙ දෙබස් තේරුම් ගන්න මන් පැය ගනන් වැල්ලට වෙලා කල්පනා කරනවා.Start - 13.04.2024 End -
Cry, Even better if you Beg

Cry, Even better if you beg(Novel)Author: Solche(This is NOT MY WORK )You can read this as manhwa and search the "Cry, even better if you beg"(in google and it pops), the art style is super duper greatI want to read this offline as a novel and share this to my Best friend.And please don't share this Online platform, if do then *Bubble Pops*

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