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Step right, step left, jab. That's how Tatum meets Holden.

Tatum Stevens is a young woman from a very troubled past. Her whole life seems to have just been a series of "downs" until she meets Luke; little does she know, he's only a "down" in disguise. Then she meets Holden. Holden Samuels is a professional boxer - a four-time champion. Everybody sees Holden as the typical bad boy; possessive, domineering, and self-absorbed.

They're wrong.

He's not as tough as he likes to display, but he's still the boxer of the century. Holden Samuels may just be the only "up" Tatum finds.

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MAHABHARAT , the epic saga of every human emotion intimately weaved with dharma ( righteousness) and karma. A tale which changed the course of entire history and led to the downfall of the biggest empire, Aryavrat. But what if the ruination of Aryavrat could be stopped? What if there's no war but yet dharma could be established?What if there's a breach in this saga ? What if it's rewritten by someone with the strength of the entire universe and heart fragile than glass? Let us be part of a history where a woman doesn't has to get insulted and demeaned to establish dharma. A saga where a brother need not kill another one . A chronicle of equality, women rights, dharma, karma , sacrifice, friendship, might , love & time travel . A story rewritten by the Mother of the universe , Devi Adi Shakti ; a tale of change, destiny, dreams and vision. The tale of Legendary Warrior KARN , born with the glory of sun & calm of moon and a girl from Kaliyuga, possessing fire of sun along with beauty of moon . Both determined to change people's perception , challenge societal norms and establish dharma .
Blue Lock ° OneShots

Blue Lock One shots! 1st book!
Tell No Tales | Completed

[Started on January 20, 2021, and ended on April 11, 2021 ]Into book assisted by Haebara Publisher, 2022.[ MEMO ]Peeps, It's me Gemima.Hear me out, nobody is living in a fairy tale. This is just a world that rotates along an orbital path, don't you feel the gravity? Oh, C'mon. You must not expect unrealistic things such as happily ever after, which does not exist. Even Taylor Swift said that she isn't a princess, and this ain't a fairy tale, so does Adam Levine said that all those fairy tales are full of shit, that is how it really is, and always will be. So please, tell no tales to me.--Eventho I didn't say 'KEEP AWAY FROM PLAGIARISM', I know you guys are smart enough not to do something like that. Cheating like that won't make you a better human. Please dunot copy without my permission, cheers! ^^🪄 Some of the dialogue and narration in (not-so-good) English and have a lot of words. So, if it's not your cup of tea, don't drink it ^^Cover by: Kak Iyas (descover Haebara)Made with love and affection, certainly provide verification that this work is mine.© 2021 Yourwhitedaisy, All rights reserved.
An Echoing Race.

The last two years of Sameena Ahmad's life have been interesting, to say the least.Why?Maybe it was because she was the Prime Minister's daughter.Or maybe it's because that's when the suitors started knocking on her door. One after another, Sameena either declined or accepted the requests. The men who actually made it to her living room were considered lucky. Two years later, and after a particularly bad experience, Sameena is more picky and cautious than ever. Past experiences with men have her reconsidering what they're really on the hunt for. Her love? Or something else...Things only take a turn for the worst, when tension arises throughout the country and a revolution seems imminent. Sameena will stand by her father and family but the biggest question is...who can she really trust?
One And A Quarter Year Agreement (a muslim love story) #Wattys2016

#11 in Islam under spiritual (5/1/17)#14 in spiritual (8/2/2016) ••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••*EDITING- Please bear with me I know it's a difficult read because of how bad its structure is; also since the story is being edited - it may take a while to do so - the plot may not really make sense right now*"The front door opened and in came the monster poopie but without the nincompoop. He leaned on the kitchen island with his cold eyes staring into my glaring ones. "Mum and Dad have called us over for dinner tonight." He said. "Alright. What time?" I asked. "Around 8pm. Dress nicely." He said curtly looking at what I was wearing. I scowled at what he said and went to my room taking Simba with me. I prayed my Asr Salah. And got down to business; of what to wear tonight."Read inside to find out Sophia's and Nadir's story!
You Are the Shell to My Tortoise | ✓

Nolan, an unapproachable guy who ignores the existence of all his schoolmates, sleeps in all of his classes. Normally, this wouldn't be Chelsea Arnold's problem--she does her best to pay attention in class and attends gym like a good, normal student.Unfortunately, she just so happens to be his assigned desk partner in many classes. She's frequently forced to wake him in English class and ends up earning the unofficial title of Nolan's Wake-up Alarm--a title that nobody in the entire school covets. The last thing she wants is to interact with him more than she absolutely has to. One day, their gym teacher sends her to bring him back to class, which he always skips for some reason. When she accidentally shines her flashlight in his sleeping face, it triggers a chain of events that gradually intertwines their lives together.It's hard to be a normal student when you start befriending the school oddball. It doesn't help that he has more secrets than the Big Ben has stairs.-----Complete. (first person, past tense, slowburn)-----1st place in Humor Category of Psychological Novel Reads Contest 2020 (29 Sep 2020)-----Started: April 28, 2020Completed: July 23, 2021Word Count: 160K+-----The sequel, The Tortoise and His Sunrise, is up on my profile now!
Aradhya ||Indian historical fiction||

||PART 1- REGAL DUOLOGY|| Aradhya, the firstborn of the king of Shiladhika...her life wasn't very pretty. Dispised for being a concubine's daughter insulted on a normal basis and treated inhumanely, Aradhya grew used to it. Stripped of all her powers as a princess, she just stayed in the palace, quietly, and soundly and she was unsung. Her world, quiet, peaceful world tips to a whole other side when a crusade strikes her kingdom while keeping her marriage at bay. . . . .Vihaan, the most prestigious ruler of a prominent empire, Ashokdhar. Respected everyone, arrogant, and yet applauded. Resentment raged in his heart since he was nineteen to have the head of the king who severed his father's head at his feet. All he needed was a little spark that would release his rage without suspicion and on cue, it does. . . . .Forced into marriage, Aradhya and Vihaan detest each other. Not being able to escape, Aradhya tries to find peace with the relationship, and will the peace turn into something more?•[Unedited]•Begin- November 2021End- November 2022Has things a debut book ought to have, a mediocre story line, dislikable characters and a very twisted ideology. Deal with it. ~Highest rankings~#1- conspiracy#1- disbelief#7- arguments#4- greed #2- King #1- India #50- romance (out of 1.4 Million tags)
Gal Pals || Yandere!Harem X F!Reader

After dying of a caffeine overdose, you find yourself transmigrated into the last game you played, a yandere otome game.Unfortunately, you're the tutorial girl. As soon as you're finished teaching the player how to play, you're killed off by the true capture targets.In order to not die, you plan on becoming close friends with all your would-be murderers before the main character appears. That way they won't have the heart to kill you!However, you may have gotten a bit too close...."It hurts me to know you don't trust me to do what's best for you.""You think anyone else could ever love you? No way, baby! I'm it.""I just don't understand why you need other friends when you have me.""I don't know how I'd live without you. I don't know how I'd breathe."

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•*•*•*•*•*•*•*•*•*•*•*•*•*•*•*•*•*•*•*•*•*•*•*•*•*•*•*•||KEEPING HALLOWEEN ALIVE 365 DAYS||

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His Sabah

"You are not--and never will be--my wife."Salim Meer. He smokes, he drinks, he parties, and he couldn't care less about his religion. He struggles to keep his painful past that way--in the past--and often turns to violence and danger to keep his mind from revisiting it.Sabah Ibrahim. She's never smoked or had alcohol, never been to a party, and is extremely devout and conservative. She volunteers at the community center, helps out at her local mosque, and reads in her free time.They never thought polar opposites like them could meet. Or worse...When Salim comes home one day to find a random girl in his living room, he has no idea what to do except what he does best. Get angry and throw a fit. Especially when he finds out that this stranger is his so-called "wife." Unable to get rid of her, Salim must learn to cope with this annoying, childish, and sickeningly innocent girl he is suddenly responsible for. She irritates him to no end, pushes his buttons, and forces him to acknowledge his past. Yet, no matter how hard he tries to ignore her, he simply can't.Slowly, Sabah begins to make a place for herself in his well-guarded heart. Around her, his vicious, fiercely protective side begins to surface, eventually leading to something that threatens to steal from him the one thing he thought he resented but now realizes he can't live without. His Sabah.

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Elastic Heart.

"The 5 stages of grief and loss are: 1. Denial and isolation; 2. Anger; 3. Bargaining; 4. Depression; 5. Acceptance. People who are grieving do not necessarily go through the stages in the same order or experience all of them." Hank Voight thought his Family was doing fine after Justin's death, but he had no idea how wrong he was.

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They have one thing in common, they both carry guns...Kim Jisoo is known as the savage nerd and Kim Taehyung is known as a school's heartthrob. Each of them have their own secrets. If these two become roommates sometime in their future, what would be the outcome© 2020 - 2021 WhyAeronWei, All Rights Reserved. Rewriting with or without modification is not allowed. Translations are permitted that you contact me before you translate the book.

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White Blood Cells | Narry AU

"20 more days until you meet The Man upstairs, How do you feel?"

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A Tiny Story (SAMPLE)

SOON AVAILABLE ON AMAZON!A boy loves two things - Italian cuisine and a girl. When he sees the girl's sadness, he decides to bring the smile back on her face.One sentence story.

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Don't Deserve Her | Kai Parker

Ella estaba en el momento y lugar equivocado. •••••&••••• Se prohíbe cualquier tipo de adaptación.

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1 Life for the 2 of Us [COMPLETED]

'Tomorrow' is a word we may not know unless we know what is obvious. ❤ Maliel, a very special yet not so special girl meets Lance(l), a boy with a dream and a secret. ❤Maliel Rosaly Rosx Lancel Kurt Dane

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Road Rash

Hit the road with Road Rash, where speed meets strategy in an adrenaline-pumping race. Gear up, dodge traffic, and outsmart rivals with quick moves and quicker wits. Every race is a battle for supremacy on the asphalt.

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My Bloody Vampire Romance

WARNING: I, wrote this stpry when I was twelve and I have every intention of re-writing it as I am now older, however, until I do, this story is on an indefinite HIATUS. Previously known as The Vampire Princes Unexpected Bride. Schuyler's Village chose her to be this years sacrifice. So alone she stood in the night with the blood moon at it's highest point waiting for death but death didn't want her dead he wanted her as his bride.

122.7K 18 3.9K Full