Fate of Terra - Rise of Empires

Fate of Terra - Rise of Empires

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Category: Science Fiction
The direct sequel to Fate of Terra

As Michael Dragomir continues in his quest to remove the cancerous race of the B'Amuf from the roster of power, new enemies come into the fore.
Recovery from the Rhemish assault and the attempted Coup, Michael reassesses what is important to him. With his family continually at risk, and the galaxy continuing to live down to his expectations a decision must be made - does he stay to course to free the enslaved races under the B'Amuf, or does he establish a new order for others to follow?

With Rhemish Pirates, B'Amuf slavers and dark omens rising in the distance, Michael is pushed even harder to stay two steps ahead of his competition as he sets out to establish his own Intergalactic Empire.

With scenes of violence and themes of a sexual nature

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