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Hello ladies and gentlemen, We, The FantasyLand Community members are finally organizing Award Show for new and aspiring writers of this app to motivate and encourage them. So let's support and check out the new writers here.


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His Possession | #1βœ”

|HIGHEST RANK #1 IN TEEN FICTION| * When a Good girl meets a Bad boy, things are about to get cheesy and cute* when Amelia Greene heard the rumours about the new Bad Boy in town, she was curious but what she didn't know was that her dog Hulk would work in some twisted way to make her path cross with the Bad Boy itself. When they meet, his possessive instinct kicks in making Zander King mark her as his and only his. But what if Amelia Greene like someone else? What if he vowed to make her his forever? What if someone else takes an interest in Amelia? But as it's always said "Life is not a bed of roses" and theirs aren't too. ****** *UNEDITED* Warning:- Typos, errors, terrible grammar; enough to make you cringe and throw your phone against the wall. You've been warned.
Send It To My Phone

#ProjectBadBoys{Highest Ranking: #7 in Teen Fiction & #2 in Fiction}Blake Tyler is your typical bad boy. He skips school, sleeps with girls, smokes, drinks, and parties. He's the most popular boy at Hartford High School. Everyone wants to be like him or be with him.Kristina Reagan is your typical book worm. She gets good grades and studies every night. She has a future and strides to not veer off course.So when her popular best friend convinces Krissy to go to one of Blake's parties, she wasn't expecting to associate herself with the bad boy himself. A drunk text sent to her could change her entire world forever.
Hendrix βœ“

•Your little mate, what is she like?″•She's wild, but all the best flowers are.″✰ β˜… ✰ β˜… ✰ β˜… ✰ β˜… ✰ β˜… ✰ β˜… ✰ β˜… ✰ β˜… ✰No one has ever seen Alpha Cedric Veiler smile. He is the ancient lycan King, and the most powerful creature living on earth. His eyes are red like the devil. His face covered in nasty scars. Not to mention that he's as tall as a tree, and built like a god.Though he has his own pack to worry about, Veiler goes undercover. He poses as a college professor to scope out the enemy. When he arrives, he finds himself surrounded by something he's despised his whole life. Humans. When he runs into an itty bitty, 18 year old human girl with big doe eyes in his class, Alpha Veiler knows he's in trouble. Because no lycan has ever had a human mate, and nothing ever makes the King smile. And it seems Hendrix is the only exception to both.It's just too bad that she has daddy issues.COMPLETED βœ“ Highest rankings#1 in Lycans - 9/9/19#1 in Music - 2/15/20#1 in Age-gap - 4/29/20#23 in Werewolf - 2/21/20#4 in Daddy issues - 8/15/19#3 in Forbidden - 1/29/20
Mystic High βœ“

Oriane Moore, the new addition to the Diana Mist College, recently discovered that she is a witch. Or more specifically, a so-called 'elemental'. It's changed her life completely.Aside from the usual hocus pocus, hexes, and talking pets, Oriane, like her fellow classmates, is supposed to have control over at least one of the affinities: Fire. Water. Air. Clay. Energy. It's bad enough being the new girl in town, but to make things worse, she hasn't discovered her affinity yet. Which makes her... pretty much human in a school full of the supernatural. While she tries to come to terms with her new identity, an imminent threat lurks in the corners of the serenely composed school. Life is tough at 'Mystic High'!Highest Ranking: #7 on Paranormal 'Hot' ListContains: Implied Student-Teacher Romance, Implied Violence© Ivana Keynes. All rights reserved. January 2015.
πšƒπšπ™Έπ™Ώπ™Ώπ™΄π™³ π™Έπ™½πšƒπ™Ύ πšƒπ™·π™΄ π™±π™΄π™°πš‚πšƒπš†π™Ύπšπ™»π™³

" Every female needs a male to protect her from feral beasts and other dangers , I'm a feral. I could snap your pretty little neck right now " " Try it and I'll just cut through your throat, If you don't wanna die while killing me, totally not recommended " •••••••••••••Ever found yourself chilling on top of tree while you're going to school ? No ? Well then , you're totally not the main character. And being one is totally not recommended
The Youngest Royal

After a life of foster homes and hiding, Estrella has a chance to have a family. Will she accept her 'little' classification? Follow the royal family as they navigate through sibling fights, trouble makers, laughs, and life.*I do not own the picture in the cover*
The Trouble with Love

❝The higher you go, the harder you fall.❞ Elena Evans has always been the observer. No one notices her, but she sees everything. The Elite. Beautiful, spoiled, exclusive. The richest families in the world- they don't let just anyone in. When Elena is asked to make one of them fall in love with her, she figures it's just a stupid game. But the Elite have secrets- and Elena isn't the first one to play their game. [The Elite Series #1] [Wattys2014 Winner: Talk Of The Town Award]

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:v lo del titulo

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Dark Doings Afoot...( A Triwizard Tournament Fanfiction)

This is a prequel to "When Two Worlds Meet". Set during the Triwizard Tournament of 1994, it incorporates the world of the Wicked book series into the Wizarding World at the time of Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire. Who will be the Shiz champion? What new darkness threatens to overcome the Wizarding World? Will people from different countries and Worlds be able to fight and bring back peace? Read on to find out...(Part 1: It's A Wicked World)

4.2K 71 367 Full

In this book we will show how cool DJ's are! There beats are insane!

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You are my secret, My forbidden love.

Without knowing that henry did send her letters until I watch the show. Screaming when he said it. The hope that maybe she'll return soon. I love them together. So this is one way I wrote her returning to him.

331 10 12
The Lion Guard: Kion x Hero reader

A great invasion has befell the world on Earth. So the earth goddess uses her connections to bring some heroes of another world to this one to help out. The Lion Guard will be shown to be an unlikely ally. And Kion will meet one with the ability to not only use fire. But also turn into a Lion. Will he befriend them? Fall in love. Only time will tell, and war is a cruel mistress.

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Once upon a vampire (Severe editing)

The Mikaelson family has roamed the earth for over a thousand of years, they had seen many things others would be astonished by.But Storybrooke was something else and Brynhilde Mikaelson was more than excited to discover all the secrets of this little town. And hopefully she'll find her happy ending too.(Disclaimer: all rights belong to the makers and writers of TVD and OUAT)

82.5K 17 2.1K
π™π™£π™›π™€π™§π™šπ™¨π™šπ™šπ™£ π™‡π™€π™«π™š

Despite not wanting to fall in love again, a striking plot twist named Zahir, who fell for her at first sight, started to rewrite Ruby's story. Both of them, being scared of love, decided to give it a shot, regardless of the consequences it would lead to.

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Relapse (Mew two x ash) and (Ash x mew two)

The boy who saved him, from himself, and others from him......The boy, who saved him, from team rocket....." Do you need a reason, to help somebody?".A.....He tried to have the same tries at friendship, with other humans but failed....." Well,....I'm your friend!"A............."You want, to be my friend?" M ............" Yeah! I do!" AHis once evil predjucie, of the world is back....But this time, a human is out of the hate/ kill eqaution......The boy, Belonged to him.............. And He would Be DAMMED, If someone tried to take him.

35.9K 25 614
That Paranormal Love (Female Ghost Hunter Harem x Male Reader)

Friends are the best, aren't they? Well yours, interested in the Paranormal Activities happening in the supposed Haunted House in the supposed Haunted Forest near your hometown, asked you to come along with them. However, the owner of the house toys with you, causing strange things to happen. Very strange things. Original idea by ForFuchsSake, now known as ZeroFuchsGiven.

77.6K 10 900 Full