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The Vampire Prince goes to High School (Book 1)

Twenty years ago, vampires emerged from the shadows and took their place among humans. With their King and the government working together, a fragile peace has been put in place. However, despite their efforts, deep-rooted fear and animosity prevents the next leap of co-existence. One such advocate of vampire dominance is no other than the Vampire Prince. A world where humans serve vampires is all he cares about. When he takes the throne, peace will be the last thing on his mind.Rin Elizabeth Borek wants nothing more than to survive. She keeps her head down and struggles to maintain normalcy in her life. But when their path cross, their entire worlds turn upside down. Trying to prevent a national outcry, the Royal family offers Rin and her parent's an opportunity. In exchange for normalcy, Rin has to teach the value of humanity to the Vampire Prince.Can Rin thaw the Prince's heart or will he succeed in pulling her into submission? I like to thank @skylarjh for the awesome cover!
The Vampire King's Mate [Completed]

"What are you doing here?" I gulped at the hoarse voice. Instead of replying, I stared at Maria's corpse lying on the floor."You smell so sweet." I hear him speak licking his lips. He did next what I was being afraid of, he closed the remaining distance by stepping ahead and held my waist with one of his muscular arm while the other swept the hair to the side exposing my bare neck. I was scared to death.________________♧♧♧_______________In a world where humans and the supernaturals lived together, Elina's parents were killed by a mysterious vampire. She never knew why her parents were killed or what the killer wanted but the incident surely changed her perspective on vampires. She never trusted them.Searching for a job leads her to an opportunity to work at the royal palace in the kingdom of Veneton. What she doesn't know is that the king of the kingdom is a vampire and she's the mate he has been searching for centuries.But he doesn't know that Elina is his mate neither does she....[THIS STORY IN ANY FORM ISN'T A FANFICTION OF THE VAMPIRE DIARIES. ALL THE CHARACTERS ARE MY OWN ALONE.]▪︎Unedited. To undergo major editing soon▪︎Highest rank : #2 in Vampire on 22-7-2019STARTED: 26th MARCH 2018
Blooded to a Vampire

I'm Kiera Calloway and I'm a witch. No, seriously. I am. The day of my Awakening, the High Priestess of my Clan (Daughters of the Moon), names me the next Heir and almost surprised the appetite out of me. Almost. Then, I'm introduced to the other Powers That Be: the Weres (NightWalkers) and the Vamps (Black Blood) on an empty stomach. Then, I met Kiel Fang, the next Heir to the Black Blood. He unmakes me, ruins me and will probably be the death of me. Too bad I'd lost all logical thought sometime after I met him, and I don't care, even though I probably should, since you know, he drinks blood like I drink milkshake. I am playing with fire, hoping maybe to get burnt a little by his heat. No, not hoping. I craved it. I am blooded with a Vampire and my world has turned on itself.
Her Vampire Prince

Faith was happy with her life. She had a clear plan, and always knew what her next move was going to be. But then a terrible tragedy wiped out half her family, throwing her life off course. Suddenly she's become a legal guardian, adult and head of the house, with absolutely no preparation. Needing a break from the countless pitiful glances and rumours, Faith sells up and moves with her sister to the small town of Blackstone, seeking peace and normality. But as she settles in, she immediately captures the eye of the gorgeously handsome William, who she is ashamed to say more interested in then she should be. She also notices the inhabitants of Blackstone are all a little... odd, and maybe she's not in such a normal place as she thought. Suddenly she's thrown into a world that leaves her questioning her sanity, and doesn't know who to trust or where to turn. Attacks, kidnappings and a sprinkle of love... Faith's in for one hell of a ride.*COMPLETED AND EDITED BUT MAY STILL HAVE SOME MISTAKES*
My lovely Vampire (GxG)

Alana was once a normal 19 year old girl trying to make her way through a hard and lonley life when shes ripped from what she knew and shoved into a dangrous life filled with vampires and a terrifing mate who dosent know how to be gentil.Will she be able to love what she truly dosent know?-_-_-_-_-_-_-_-_-_-_-_-_-_-_-_-_-_-_-_-_-_-_-IT IS A LESBIAN STORY, IF YOU DONT LIKE DONT READAlso this will be cringy and poorly writen so beware, but please injoy it for what it is.This story is being edited.*Contains content thats not suitable for all veiwers*-_-_-_-_-_-_-_-_-_-_-_-_-_-_-_-_-_-_-_-_-_-_- Rankings#1 in mistress#1 in gxg#2 in girlxgirl#97 in mates#107 in lesbian#46 in vampire#13 in tragedy#34 in slave#242 in love#11 in abusive
Midnight Comforts: Hoshina Soshiro x Reader F

"Amidst the chaos, yer my comfort [Y/N]"In a city threatened by kaiju, a midnight store clerk and a weary Kaiju Defense Force vice-captain find unexpected solace in each other's company. As their paths cross during quiet nights, a slow-burning connection blossoms, bringing warmth and comfort amidst the chaos.Hoshina Soshiro x Reader F
Marrying The Vampire Billionaire

+18 read at you're own risk thanks fo reading my story
House of vampires and me the human

(Be warned!! Grammatical errors! Written when I was 13 years old just can't find myself to delete it. Hope you enjoy it anyway :) Claire Dawson is just a ordinary girl before she was fourteen everything was going right for her she had a best friend Helen. Her grades at school was great and she had a loving family, but when her mother died things changed. Her Farther turned out to be a dead beat dad and with no brothers and sisters she had to handle and do everything on her own and that was just the beginning. Everything changed when she was just heading home bringing beer back to her dad . She found out things which were not meant like vampires. Being kidnapped by a vampire was not what Claire was excepting but he had to keep his secret and so did she. Some things are meant to be kept a secret.

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Rules of Arrangement

Ever since Lisa could remember, she has always lived her life "safe". And she doesn't mean it by not doing ludicrous things, more like she has never made a spontaneous decision in her life. She's an over-thinker, over-analyzer and always plays it safe. One day, she overheard a group of girls talking about how they had signed up for an app where they could become sugar babies. This meant that they were looking for a sugar daddy-someone who they could go out with and enjoy each others company while receiving compensation for their time. Instantly, Lisa becomes appalled at how those girls could so easily talk about becoming sugar babies without a care for the world. What if someone judged them? What if they shunned and singled out? Going out to meet a stranger; probably old and balding, who you probably didn't have anything in common seemed like an atrocious thing to do. Lisa would never even dream about letting herself think about getting a sugar daddy. One day, after a long day of lectures, Lisa arrives home and suddenly receives a notification from her school. Her financial aid for the semester was not going to come through because her parents' tax statements were fraudulent. She had to pay $10,000 immediately or be kicked out of school.Not even ten minutes later she receives a text from her little sister saying that their parents have been arrested by the FBI. She could not believe what was going on! How could this be? Her parents were the most hard-working and honest people she knew! After debating with her best friend Gabriela, Lisa then signs up for "Platonic Arrangements"-the app where you could get a sugar daddy. What did she have to lose? She was already a broke college student, who was knee-deep in student loans, might as well enjoy free dates with creepy, old men. But what she didn't know was there was a whole new world out there to explore and sign up for this app, was her first step towards learning so.

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Online for marriage Registration

Most people are more concerned about wedding venues, menus and wardrobes as compared to the legal side and the paperwork involved in getting married to someone.

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Kotsuki: The Tokusatsu Hero

Earth, our blue planet and the year is 2023, Technology has advanced and problems keep rising, this has lead to a organization made by people who want destruction and death, kidnapping people and turning them into empty shells and remodeling them into monsters that cause havoc, it wasn't until a hero raises from the light utilizing powers of three Legendary Tokusatsu Warriors, and strike back at the evil to protect the innocents

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The god of connection

After nobody shows up for the funeral of his mother, a young man by a shady yet peculiar old man who promises to reveal the reason why no one attended the funeral. The two head to a dirty and cluttered apartment, where the old man discloses that he is a priest of the god of connection and tries to convince the protagonist of the existence of zeefrizzies: creatures that feed on the bonds between people.

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My Hero Academia x Reader One-Shots

(Complete) ;;;;;;;;;;;;))))))))))))Disclaimer: I DO NOT OWN MY HERO ACADEMIA

1M 49 19.5K Full
Fix My Broken Heart (On Hold)

Caroline is new to Greendale Highschool. Like most people, she hates being the new one. She meets a boy named Ashley. He invites her to sit at his lunch table. That's where she meets Andy and the rest of Ashley's friends. Caroline starts to fall for Ashley but has feelings for Andy also. After a rough break up with Andy and Scout, Scout starts to harass Caroline into getting her and Andy back together. What happens when Caroline sets Andy up for a date with Scout?

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[ Âm dương sư] Mỗi ngày về nhà đều nhìn đến cẩu tử ở cầm hoa-Mộ Viên Thập Cẩm

Văn ánCứ việc yêu hồ trọng sinh......Nhưng đừng quên hắn vẫn là cái xem mặt hentai.Yêu hồ: "Tiểu sinh mỗi ngày đều là động dục kỳ."Cho nên đây là ngươi theo dõi đại thiên cẩu lý do?Weibo lái xe, tiểu thiên sứ thỉnh tìm tòi Weibo danh: Mộ viên thập cẩmTránh lôi phải biết:Chó con. Tì thảo. Rượu hồng.Tag: Trọng sinh hệ thống yêu sâu sắc trò chơi võng duTừ khóa tìm kiếm: Vai chính: Đại thiên cẩu × yêu hồ, chó con ┃ vai phụ: Tì mộc đồng tử, huỳnh thảo, rượu nuốt đồng tử, hồng diệp chờ yīn dương sư thức thần ┃ cái khác: yīn dương sư đồng nghiệp

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Web development company in Delhi

The area of web development is broken into many factors. For website development, it requires the help of top web development companies in Delhi, who can work on details regarding website development.

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Singers for events at starclinch

Looking for an artist for your event who can charm your occasion with a reasonable price of the booking, Here we have found the one-stop solution for your artist requirement. StarClinch is a platform to discover and book artists and live entertainers. Classical Singers in Delhi or any other events live bands, comedians, musicians, singers, and various artists on starclinch.

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IZUKU THE IOP GOD (Paused/Rewrite)

Izuku Midoriya is giving the chance to become a hero by the Reincarnation of the Iop god now what new threat are coming to his worldI DON'T OWN BNHA OR WAKFU ALL OF THAT BELONGS TO THE ORIGINAL CREATERS

27.1K 34 407 Full