Falling For My Exchange Brother | BOOK 1,2,3

Falling For My Exchange Brother | BOOK 1,2,3

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Category: Teen Fiction
"All I wanted for my birthday was a new car or maybe a few new pairs of shoes," I shake my head as I look at the thing they call a 'gift', "But no. You brought me a human for my birthday present."

My parents smile, resulting in this person to smile too. Probably because he has no idea what we are saying and has the expression of what a child makes when they learn how babies are made. Dumbfounded.

"You needed a brother. Right?" My father asks, patting this guys shoulder as he flinches at the touch. Even though he's a giant and looks like he has more muscle than me.

"Yes, but I meant you two lock yourselves in a room and you get in my moms hatchback!" I explain, and my mom gasps at my words. Father chuckles, shaking his head.

"Not at our age. Too old."

"You're never too old to have sex. Tell that to Mick Jagger." I snort, and they shake their heads.

#1 guyxguy ( 2-13-18 ) ✔️
#1 exchangestudent ( 2-13-18 ) ✔️
#1 boyxboy (2-22-21) ✔️

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