Fallen Hard

Fallen Hard

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Category: Teen Fiction
Aurora William Stephens. The nerd of Fremont high, the girl who has never dated a single soul till the age of seventeen, never shared her first kiss and the one who gets bullied by the head cheerleader?


A part of the crowd yet has the ability to stand apart. Quite popular due to the fact of being the twin sister of none other than the school's soccer team captain; has everything, from wonderful parents to a pair of amazing best friends.

Yet what would she need? Probably someone to take care of her and show her the world? No, she can do that herself. All she needs is a person with whom she can share all her sides with; someone who would appreciate and motivate her; someone who'll love her like there's no tomorrow.

However in all of her perfect life, she makes one simple mistake of loving someone. Will this mistake turn into a beautiful one or will it shatter her altogether? Will she fall hard or will she allow herself to float?
And remember, "Love is always only your choice".

Strong Language. Read at your own risk.
Copyright © 2018. All Rights Reserved.

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