faded ❦ ︱ Kurapika x Reader

faded ❦ ︱ Kurapika x Reader

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❝Kurapika, feelings fade when people change--❞

You gasped when your back met the wall. The boy who had always managed to keep his emotions at bay had finally snapped--roughly pounding the side of his elbow and forearm above your head. His eyeballs were laced a deep crimson red--broken and confused. Your breath hitched in your chest as he leaned down, lips hovering above your own. You could feel your heart slowly break as you heard him breathily whisper, desperately begging you to reciprocate the emotions he felt for you.

❝If everyone forgets over time, then why can't I?❞

- -


*cover art by @huangdanlan
*book is undergoing major editing :)

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تحذير:-القصة منحرفة +18 (القصة مكتملة)

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