F R E A K S (Tokyo revengers Bonten x reader)

F R E A K S (Tokyo revengers Bonten x reader)

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The Purloined Letter (1844)

"The Purloined Letter" is a short story by American author Edgar Allan Poe. It is the third of his three detective stories featuring the fictional C. Auguste Dupin, the other two being "The Murders in the Rue Morgue" and "The Mystery of Marie Rogêt". These stories are considered to be important early forerunners of the modern detective story. It first appeared in the literary annual The Gift for 1845 (1844) and was soon reprinted in numerous journals and newspapers.Cover by the lovely @KatrinHollister
obsession xxx (Bl Smut)

this is a bl romance..smut kinda..this is about a boy who always get bullied and always get hurt but one day is all changed when he saw this popular guy and didn't now that he is obsessed with him and a psycho.. honestly I don't know why I want to make this story..I bet is not great at all but I just wanted to make one so enjoy reading❤️‍🩹
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Based on the film King Arthur: Legend of The Sword. Salem is apart of the sword as well as Arthur. Their destinies have been interwoven since they were children. When they finally meet, they both instantly feel the connection. Salem must help Arthur become the King he is destined to be. rough draft/ I know the grammar and spell isn't great :) in the process of writing the rest Scarlett/Salem is my character.All rights belong to Warner Brothers.
My Career is Useless in this World!!

My Career is Useless in this World!!On her last breath, she thought, "it wouldn't matter if I died." But when her eyes opened again, a baby clung onto her out of nowhere. They said it was her twin sister!?-Cross that- She became a baby? -Cross that- A whole bunch of clingy family members popped out of nowhere! After her brain started functioning as- per-normal she realised....'My career is useless in this world.''What nation's most beloved actress?'USELESS USELESS USELESSSS!She'll be killed if she doesn't fight!But as the years went by...'CAPTAIN! Your younger sister got caught in a minefield!''WHATTTTTTTT!!!!!!''COLONEL! Your brother's hair is caught on fire!!''WATER! WATER! GET WATER!'But why...Can they not leave her alone!?!__________A heartwarming yet bloody story about an alexithymia actress (A person incapable of feeling emotions) reincarnating into another world to restart her life all over again. Unbeknownst to her, there was something else seriously wrong with her body plus this world wasn't peaceful like her former world! What can, she, an actress, do but grit her teeth to become stronger! She can't just die again!___________Disclaimer: Novel starts with MC as a baby. A fluffy start you may say! Age progresses with every book!

Two men are standing facing each other, the space around them is filled with loud gunshots, blood and screams, they are pointing guns at each other with expressionless faces but their eyes are saying something else, their Lots of emotions running through their heart....Do they listen to their heart??☆ Contains Depiction of; -------------------------------◐ Jikook/Minkook ff◐ Top Jungkook◐ Bottom Jimin◐ Sumt/Sex ◐ Sexual Tension◐ Male pregnancy◐ Death◐ Blood◐ etc.-------------------------------☆ THIS IS MY FIRST BOOK I HOPE YOU MAKE LIKE MY STORY. ☆ THIS BOOK HAS NOTHING TO DO WITH ANYONE'S PERSONAL LIFE OR FEELING. EVERYTHING INSIDE IS FACTIONAL.☆ YOU ARE FREE TO LEAVE IF YOU FEEL TRIGGERED. KINDLY, LEAVE THE BOOK PEACEFULLY, NO ONE IS FORCING YOU TO READ IT AND LEAVE REPORTS OR NEGATIVE COMMENTS.☆ ALL THE MEDIA AND FAN ARTS ATTACHED INSIDE ISN'T MY OWN AND THE CREDIT GOES TO THEIR REAL OWNER OR CREATOR.♪\(*^▽^*)/\(*^▽^*)/
the vigilant Rabid

the storie is about a young boy named izuku midoriya every thing was perfect in his life he was happy with his mom and his dad until he had his quirkhis dad left because he thought that it was villainous and because of that his mom inko blame him and started to become abusive he told him to tell people that he was quirkless and so he was bullied at school after so long he was tired of this bullshitso he decided to run away from home and started tobe a hero in his own way by being the number one vigilant name rabid. All images used are not drawn by me all I did was change them A bit100 views ♥️500views ❤1000 views ❤
Military Marriage Love in the 1980s

Military Marriage Love in the 1980s (八十年代军婚宠妻)Author : 木梓潼Chapter 132http://www.fd80.com/145/145908/[MTL FOR OFFLINE READING PUPOSE ONLY]In her previous life, Qu Zhitao, who lived to be twenty-eight years old and was still a solo artist, passed through the body of a little girl who didn't like her husband who was a soldier.Qu Zhitao's legs went weak when she saw her husband, who had broad shoulders, narrow waist and long legs, and wore a military uniform with an ascetic temperament.I couldn't help but shout to the original owner: "You don't want this husband, I do!"The original owner looked at her coldly: "If you like it, I'll give it to you." Copy 2:After Liao Jilin got married, he found that his wife, who was indifferent to him before marriage, became passionate and especially liked to act coquettishly, which made him unable to control herself.His wife said she should resign, and he agreed. The worst possible outcome is to look for it again.His wife said she would not work, and he agreed. Anyway, his salary is high and he can support a family.His wife suggested submitting the article, and he agreed. The worst he could do was to retreat and hide it.But later, a group of people came to look for his wife to buy the film and television rights of her book. Liao Jilin discovered that his wife had already become a big shot in the literary world, and was not the poor little girl who had her manuscripts rejected every day as he thought. Content tags: Traveling through time and space, sweet stories about marriage and love, period stories
Dissolution (draft)

This story tells the fate of the remaining members of a once-destroyed civilization.

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"how do I tell someone they're gay?""isn't the question usually the other way around?""it is, but this guy still believes he's straight. we've been fucking for months"in which akaashi finds himself wanted by more people than he can handle... or at least he thinks so.warning! adult content, tough language.bokuto x akaashi; kuroo x akaashi; akaashi x kenma; kuroo x kenma.note: switch to lowercase after chapter 4note 2: slowburn

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la storia di un'amore impossibile, distruttivo, di vendetta, gelosia e odio

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Lana Odindottir is many things. A daughter, a twin sister to one--an adoptive sister to two, a warrior, a hero, a trickster, a god, a Jotun. But most importantly: a myth. No one has seen or heard of the raven haired, emerald eyed goddess from either brother of hers so they've written her off as part of the myths that stayed myths. When she finally makes an appearance, it's not the one she was hoping for. Earth is under attack and she needs to save it alongside its mightiest heroes: the Avengers.

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Max if you see this go away 💀Sara sees you for the first time, and a spark ignites within her..

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