|| Experiment 69 || DabiHawks/HotWings ||

|| Experiment 69 || DabiHawks/HotWings ||

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When Hawks was just a kid, he was enjoying his everyday life. One day after he had finished playing with his friend Touya, he was heading home when he felt a cloth go over his mouth. He tried to fight back, but it was useless. Since he wasn't able to breath very well, he passed out.

When Hawks woke up, he saw that he wasn't home. Instead, he was in an unknown place. The place looked very unsafe, to put it simply. He tried to escape the room, but, to his luck, he couldn't even make a dent in the wall.

Years had passed and he began to loose hope of escape. That was until the alarm system came on. He wanted to look out the door to see what was happening, but the door wouldn't budge.

Suddenly, a blue flame could be seen.

What will happen? What happened during the years that Hawks was kidnapped for?

Read to find out.

🚨Warning! This story contains🚨
Kidnapping (slight)
Ending is rushed and really bad

If any of this bothers you, then please. Don't read this.

Story began: April 2nd, 2022
Story Ended: April 9th, 2022

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